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Social Security Spouse Benefits

What is Social Security Spouse Benefits?

Social Security Spouse Benefits is when an individual has filed for their retirement benefits, this person’s spouse can possibly have the right for a benefit depending on the individual’s monthly income. Another way to receive Social Security Spouse Benefits is if the spouse is at least or over the age of 62 or when they may have a child that meets the requirements that is mainly in their care. What it means by a child that meets the requirements is if the child is under the age of 16 or the child has received Social Security Benefits.

If a spouse has Social Security benefits can spouse claim the benefits once retirement has been reached? Also, do pensions that count against receiving early benefits? What about any 401k withdrawals in spouse name?

The only type of pension that will affect the spouse’s benefits would end up being the pensions that deals with employment that is not protected by the Social Security Association. If the spouse’s pension is from a company in which the person has worked for that helped with Social Security, then the pension will not affect what funds that are distributed in the benefits that would be able to be received. Money that is taken out of a person’s 401k will not affect anything to do with the benefits. The person can receive the benefits whenever they please and change to the spouse’s part at a later time if and when it is needed. Now, if the individual decides to retire early; then only a half of the spouse’s benefits will be rewarded.

Can a person receive Social Security Spousal Benefits if the spouse is 62 and their partner is younger?

In order for a person to be awarded their spouse's benefits; the person receiving the benefits has to meet an age requirement which is 62 years old. A spouse that doesn’t meet the age limit at all will not be able to receive Social Security Spousal Benefits by the Social Security Association.

Can people receive their ex-spouse’s Retirement Benefits and collect their own Social Security Benefits when they have reached full retirement?

In some cases the person can start to receive the benefits now from their ex-spouse if their marriage has lasted 10 years or longer. In order to do this, the spouse has to be receiving benefits already from the Social Security Association. When the person has reached the full age in order to receive retirement the money that has been received from the employment that person has worked for will be counted towards the benefits.

If a person is divorced, can their former spouse that is now receiving Social Security be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on former spouse's record?

The benefits that a person may currently be receiving as a former spouse does not relate to what their former spouse is receiving from Social Security Benefits that are earned by the former spouse are given depending on what the person has made at their place of employment; there are set requirements that have to be met by the person that is trying to seek out benefits from their former spouse in order to receive these benefits. Some of the requirement include: if the person has reached the age limit of 62 and the former spouse is younger. If this is the case, then the person can request the benefit funds without going through the process of waiting for the spouse to reach the age of 62.

If a person is receiving Social Security Benefits and the spouse is currently under age requirement to receive Social Security. Can spousal benefits be filed?

The spouse can apply for social security when they reach the age of 62. If they have made the decision to not wait that long to receive benefits then applying for retirement early is another option that could be done. This will all depend on the amount of money that is earned by the time they have reached the age of 62. Once that person decides to stop working and start receiving Social Security; the spouse could go to local social security office and file claim for spousal benefits. The spouse may file for this at the same time their partner applies for the retirement benefits.

When deciding if an individual should file for Social Security Spouse Benefits there are many questions that can come up. These questions can include, information on military spouse benefits, veterans spouse benefits and what are the divorced spouse benefits. These complex questions and many more can be answered by thousands of Experts.
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