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Spousal Support

What is spousal support? Spousal support is the same thing as alimony. Spousal support is granted to one spouse or the other either after a divorce or separation, normally the spouse that makes more money pays the other spouse until they are stable or back on their feet and can provide for themselves. Spousal support will be paid to the other spouse if they have been married for many years or if the spouse has a lifelong disability. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding spousal support guidelines and laws.

In the state of Virginia how does someone calculate spousal support?

The guidelines on spousal support for the state of Virginia may be changed under unusual circumstances, but for the most part the guidelines are to be followed. Where child support is not involved, 30% of gross income of the spouse with the most income, 50% of gross income of the spouse with the least income, 28% of the payer’s income, 58% of the payee’s gross income.

When would spousal support end?

The spousal support will end with the other spouse either gets remarried or dies. In another case the spouse can go before the court and ask the judge to stop the spousal support. Don’t start a court order without knowing all you rights. If you have questions about your particular situation, it is always best to have your questions answered by an Expert.

In the state of California, will the court modify spousal support due to getting married and having step children to raise?

California Spousal Support can be modified based upon material change. The purpose of spousal support, same as alimony is to provide support for the receiving spouse to become financially self-sufficient. If shown that the receiving spouse no longer needs the support, then this could be modified or even terminated. The court looks at the needs of the receiving spouse. Many times in the event of a remarriage, the spousal support ends due to financial changes in the home.

In the state of Arizona is spousal support tax deductable like alimony?

Spousal support and alimony is the same thing, but two different names are used. Spousal support/alimony is taxable as income to the person receiving it and tax deduction to the person paying it. However some laws may vary depending on state regulations on how spousal support is paid. Check with the legal Experts to see what the laws are in your state.

Does spousal support end the day of the separation or once the papers are filed?

The spousal support would start when the papers are filed and granted through a court order. Whether they are divorcing or legally separating, they can ask for a temporary order of spousal support to be given while the process of a formal spousal support.

When asking about spousal support also known as alimony, one may not know their rights, or they may not understand how they can receive spousal support, or even if they are eligible for the support. In many cases if the couple has been married for many years and have not made a living of their own, then they can receive the support. How much can one receive in spousal support? Depending on the income of the spouse that makes the most income will determine how much the other spouse will receive.

Many questions and requirements are involved in spousal support. It is always best to know how the law applies in your particular situation. When in doubt, bring your questions to Family Law Experts for quick and affordable answers.
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