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Chrysler Speedometer Problems

Need help troubleshooting speedometer problems with your Chrysler? Chrysler speedometer problems usually arise due to the following reasons or causes; a faulty instrument cluster, issues with battery cables, terminals or connections, faulty body control module, problems with the instrument panel wiring or connector wiring, blown fuse #24 or fuse #21 and so on. If the car was recently jumpstarted, the instrument cluster would need to be recalibrated. Each of these reasons has a Chrysler speedometer repair option which needs to be carried out based on the exact reason of the problem. To know more about Chrysler speedometer problems, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

What could be preventing the Chrysler speedometer from working or displaying any codes?

If the Chrysler speedometer is not working and there are no codes being displayed either, the computer is sensing the signal from the speed sensor and the wiring is fine but the instrument cluster may be problematic. Perform a self-test to clear the problem by turning the key to the lock position, pressing and holding the trip reset on the cluster and then turning the key to the unlock position while holding the reset button. The reset button should then be released after which the instrument cluster will begin to sweep all the gauges, including the Chrysler speedometer.

What would cause the Chrysler speedometer to quit working on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring, the tachometer and fuel gauge have never functioned properly?

It is quite likely that an internal fault has occurred in the instrument cluster. A self-check should be carried out as described in the answer to the above question. Once the gauges sweep through the self-check and the odometer completes the segment test, if the odometer fails to light up, nor do the segments or tachometer sweep, the printed circuit board should be replaced or the instrument cluster could be defective and need replaced.

Why is the Chrysler speedometer pegged and staying below the peg after starting?

Most probably the needle is wrapped around the wrong side of the peg due to low battery voltage while cranking. This could be a result of a weak battery, poor or dirty connections at the battery terminals or low battery charge due to the key being left in the ignition or the lights remaining on. In case these things have not occurred to affect the battery, the load should be tested since a weak battery is a primary cause for this Chrysler speedometer problem. In order to restore the Chrysler speedometer to its original state, an instrument cluster self-test would be required. To do this, with the key off, the trip odometer button should be pressed and held until “Sof” and a number (for example: Sof 3.2 or software 3.2) is visible on the odometer. Once it is visible, the button should be released to allow the self-test/recalibration to begin. If fault codes are present it will be displayed in the odometer and once all fault codes are visible, ”End” will show on the odometer. The lights should come on and the gauges should sweep, after which the Chrysler speedometer will reset to the correct side of the peg.

Why is the Chrysler speedometer needle at the wrong end of the stop?

The needle on the Chrysler speedometer is usually erratic while providing or receiving a jumpstart. This is because a power surge is created and the cluster is unable to deal with the excess power. In order to get the Chrysler speedometer needle back to its normal position, the cluster would need to be removed from the dashboard by pulling off the plastic trim around it and remove the four screws holding it in position. Next the plastic lens from the cover and then using a screwdriver the needle can carefully be pried over the stop.

What prevents a Chrysler speedometer from shifting and seems stuck on a 1999, 300M with the check engine light on?

These symptoms are consistent of a failed transmission output speed sensor. Normally if the sensor fails, the transmission enters limp mode, prevents shifting and can illuminate the check engine light. This sensor is also used for Chrysler speedometer readings. The component is easily replaced from beneath the Chrysler, it is mounted at the driver’s side and has a twin referred to as an input sensor, which should be replaced at the same time.

Listed above are only a few Chrysler speedometer problems or queries which can arise. There may be other problems that are common which may not be detailed above or a new problem which you may have come across recently. In such a scenario, the value of Expert information can be quite important and useful to help arrive at answers or Chrysler speedometer repair options, in an affordable manner.
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