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Speeding Fines

Speeding fines are imposed on people who drive above the permitted speed limit. This law is enforced to make sure that people do not cross the speed limit when driving and a certain degree of safety is maintained on the roads. It is important for individuals who drive in the United States to know what the speeding fines are in the country. Given below are common questions answered by the Experts about the speeding fines by state.

What are the consequences of not paying speeding fines in Georgia?

According to the traffic laws of Georgia, if an individual violates traffic rules and does not pay the speeding fine on time, it may appear on his/her driving record. This may have an effect on his/her insurance rates for many years. The individual, in such a situation, may contact the traffic clerk and check the extent of his/her violation. If it is for less than 15 miles, he/she may be allowed to pay the fine in the court or online.

What are the consequences of a traffic citation and speeding fines in the State of Hawaii?

Most of the traffic violations in the State of Hawaii are considered to be civil offenses. In most of the situations, the individual may just be asked to pay a fine and not be called to court. However, if an individual gets a fine for speeding and a traffic citation, it may appear on the individual’s driving history. The only traffic violation that may not appear on an individual’s driving history is a parking ticket. The individual’s driving history may be available to his/her employers and insurance company. If the individual gets fines for speeding and traffic citations again and again, this can affect his/her insurance rates. If the individual is in a profession that requires him/her to be driving, it can affect his/her employment as well.

What can an individual do if he/she was unable to pay the speeding fines due to unemployment but can make the payments now in the State of Texas?

An individual who was unable to pay the speeding fines due to unemployment may be able to pay them if he/she has the means to do so now. He/she may hire an attorney who can request the court to lower the fine amount so that he/she may pay it all at once. The individual may also write to the judge of the court explaining his/her situation to the judge and stating that he/she was unable to pay the fines due to unemployment.

What does it mean if an individual’s speeding ticket is reduced to an unlawful speedometer?

If an individual’s traffic violation is reduced to an unlawful speedometer, it means that the violation is categorized as an equipment violation. This may not be recorded on the individual’s driving history. However, the total amount that the individual may have to pay, including fines and surcharges may be $115.

Can an individual be given a speeding fine of $1000 for driving 30 miles above the speed limit in the State of Tennessee?

It may be considered reckless driving if an individual is caught driving 30 miles over the permitted speed limit in the State of Tennessee. However, most of the time, individuals may be fined for $500 with a punishment of 6 months in jail. It is unlikely that an individual may be fined for $1000 for driving 30 miles over the speed limit.

For how long can an individual’s driver’s license be suspended if he/she does not pay fines for speeding?

An individual’s driver’s license may remain suspended till he/she clears all the speeding fines and any reinstatement fee. In this time, if the individual is caught driving on a suspended license and does not go to court for the case, an arrest warrant may be released in the individual’s name. If an individual wants to apply for a new license in a different state, he/she may have to resolve all of his/her suspended license issues before he/she applies for the new license.

What are the different ways in which an individual may pay a speeding fine in California?

There are different ways in which an individual may be able to pay fines for speeding in the State of California. The individual may pay online using his/her credit or debit card. He/she may visit the website to pay his/her ticket online and check if he/she is eligible for an online payment. The other option that an individual may have is to pay the speeding ticket by mail. For this, the individual may check the guilty box on the speeding ticket and mail it to the address mentioned on the ticket along with a check or money for the fine. The individual may keep a copy of the speeding ticket for his/her future reference. The individual may also pay the speeding fine in person at the court. He/she may have to take the speeding ticket along with a check, money order or his/her credit or debit card. The individual may also need to provide proof of identity if he/she wants to pay the speeding fine in person.

Speeding fines may differ from state to state in the U.S. And it may not be easy for you to find out what the speeding fines are and what the consequences of getting a speeding ticket would be in your respective jurisdiction. However, it can lead to more trouble and in some cases your license getting suspended if you ignore paying the fines. If you have any questions about speeding fines in your state, put them to an Expert now to for quick and insightful answers to your problem.
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