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Speeding Ticket Related Questions

Do you have a speeding ticket and are worried about it affecting your driving record? Speeding tickets are citations given to drivers who exceed the state imposed speed limit. For every speeding ticket you get, points are added to your driving record. When you exceed the allowed number, you can lose your driving privileges. To protect your driving record and continue driving, you need experienced insight on speeding ticket law. Read below for questions regarding speeding tickets that have been answered by Experts.

In Missouri should a camera speeding ticket be ignored or paid?

Camera speeding tickets are very hard to beat in Missouri and are strictly enforced. The only way a person could beat such a speeding ticket would be to have evidence that the camera somehow malfunctions or that the wrong car was cited. In the event a photo of the driver is taken going through a red light, the possibility of being found guilty is very likely. Camera speeding tickets are a civil violation to avoid placing administrative and criminal penalties against the driver.

Will a New Hampshire speeding ticket come back on a New York driver's license?

The Interstate Drivers Compact consists of 45 states that have agreed to the one driver/one license theory. This means if a driver was given a ticket in New Hampshire, once convicted in that state, the information will be sent to New York and points from that ticket will be applied to the driver's driving record.

How does someone get a speeding ticket reduced?

This will require a court appearance to make a plea deal which will require a court date. The court appearance will allow the driver to present any information that may convince the court to lower the ticket. The chances improve for the driver if he/she has had a clean driving record for the past two years. Another option would be to hire an attorney to help fight the speeding ticket at trial.

What options are given to someone who received a first time speeding ticket of 85 in a 65? 

There are two issues with a speeding ticket such as this. The first issue is anything 15 mph over the speed limit is an automatic Class 2 Misdemeanor that will be placed on the driver's criminal record. The second issue is speeding 15 mph over 55 mph is an automatic suspension of a driver's license. An attorney is usually necessary to plea the driver's case to the district attorney for a lesser charge. If this is granted, the driver can keep the license and avoid higher insurance costs.

In the state of California, is it acceptable to enter a plea of a prayer for judgment in the event of a speeding ticket hearing? 

Such a plea isn't observed in the state of California, therefore this wouldn't be an option.  A driver can still ask the court for a plea agreement for a lesser fine and traffic school to keep points off the driver's record.     

Would a speedometer calibration get someone out of a ticket?

Speeding is known as a strict liability crime which means if the driver was speeding and caught speeding, the driver is guilty. This is true even for the driver who honestly thought he/she was driving the speed limit. It is possible for a driver to speak with the prosecutor and discuss a lowering the speeding ticket to a defective equipment ticket. This will keep points off of the driver's record.

How much does it cost to have two speeding tickets expunged from someone’s record?

The cost of expunging the offenses from a driver's record can vary from area to area. To determine the actual cost, the driver will need to go to the city in which the tickets were received. If the tickets were in different cities, there may be a different charge and procedure for each one. While these speeding tickets can be removed from a driving record, certain entities such as nursing and medical boards still have access to these sealed criminal records.

Speeding tickets can result in the suspension of your driver's license if enough points are added to your record. While you may be aware of how to pay a speeding ticket, you may not be familiar with how to have them removed or have them reduced. If you still have questions about speeding tickets after reading this article, contact an Expert. Qualified legal Experts are available day and night to answer all your questions from the comfort and convenience of your home. 

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