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The rules governing speed limits in different states in the United States may not be the same. Speed limits are determined by a variety of factors like kind of vehicle, type of roadway, conditions of the road, time of day and so on. That’s why it’s important for an individual to be aware of interstate speed limits if he/she has to drive in the different states of the U.S. Given below are a few commonly asked questions answered by the Experts on issues relating to interstate speed limits.

Can the sign that states what the speed limit is be placed behind another sign on the road?

The rules and regulations regarding interstate speed limit signs may be different from state to state. In some states like Wisconsin, the interstate speed limit sign may not be placed behind another sign on the road. The speed limit may be considered to be invalid if the signs are not placed correctly on the roads.

Can an individual contest a speeding ticket given to him/her on the basis of a laser radar gun?

An individual may contest a speeding ticket that was given to him/her on the basis of a laser radar gun. In order to do so, he/she may plead not guilty in the court on the day of the hearing. The court may set up the trial for a different date. This will give the individual a chance to ask the prosecutor for information about the calibration of the laser radar gun to check if it was correct or not. However, if the individual pleads guilty at the hearing, he/she may not get a chance to check the laser radar gun and will have to pay for the speeding ticket.

Would a speeding ticket appear on an individual’s driving record?

A speeding ticket may appear on an individual’s driving record if he/she pleads guilty and pays the fine. However, if the individual pleads not guilty and contests the ticket, he/she may also be able to negotiate the fine.

Would drivers be given time to adjust to a new speed limit if there is a sudden change in the limit?

In most situations, drivers may not be given any amount of time to adjust to a new speed limit if there has been a sudden change in the limit. However, there may be a sign on the road that warns the drivers of the reduced speed limit so that they can adjust the speed of their vehicles as they approach the area with the new speed limit.

Would a speeding ticket be dismissed if the police officer puts the wrong speed information on the ticket?

In most situations, if the police officer puts the wrong information on the speeding ticket about the speed of the vehicle, the court may allow him/her to amend the ticket to the correct speed. This may not dismiss the speeding ticket. Whether wrong information on the speeding ticket would help an individual or not would depend on the speed mentioned on the ticket and the speed the individual was driving at. If the speed mentioned on the ticket is lesser than the speed the individual was driving at, it would be of no help to the individual if the information on the ticket was wrong as bringing it up in the court of law may further put the individual into trouble.

How fast can an individual drive over the speed limit before being given a speeding ticket in Missouri?

In the State of Missouri, an individual may be given a speeding ticket if he/she drives at 3-5 miles per hour over the normal speed limit. The radars are usually set to catch this speed and it can also be caught by helicopters either by using a stop watch or radar.

Can the speed limit be exceeded when merging?

According to the law, while merging, the oncoming traffic may give the right of way and then merge slowly with caution. If the driver has to increase his/her speed to pass someone when merging, he/she may do so once the other vehicle has passed him/her safely or slow down and enter behind the vehicle.

What can an individual do if he/she was given a speeding ticket by an officer who had the wrong information about the speed limit?

If an individual was given a speeding ticket by an officer who had wrong information about the speed limit, he/she may challenge the ticket in court. The individual may gather pictures of the scene and any other document that may help him/her prove his/her case. He/she may have the right to cross examine the officer. In such a situation, the officer may have to prove all the facts that he/she may have mentioned in his/her report for the individual to be fined.

Not knowing about the speed limits in your state can be very dangerous. It can cost you your driving privileges if you are unaware of the speed limits and are caught again and again for overspeeding. It may not always be easy for you to find out about the different speeding restrictions in your state on your own. You can ask an Expert if you want more information about interstate speed limits.
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