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Kia Spectra EX Repair

Do you need to replace belts on your Kia Spectra EX? Are there error codes that need deciphered? Kia Spectra EX problems can often lead to numerous questions that needs answered to help get a vehicle back to its normal working condition. Read below where Experts have answered owner’s questions regarding the Kia Spectra EX.

What tools are required to remove the front and rear brakes from a 2005 Kia Spectra EX?

To remove the front brake, a regular c-clamp tool could be used. However, a special tool would be required to take out the rear brakes as one needs to push and turn the calipers simultaneously, while doing so. Many local auto parts stores usually rent these tools.

What can be done if a replaced timing solenoid and connector keep displaying error codes on a Kia Spectra EX?

First, verify if the oil pressure is good as it can likely cause this problem to occur. If so, inspect the engine control module (ECM) for twisted pins or loose wires. If they check out all good, one could replace the ECM; otherwise, have the right component repaired.

How to remove the air conditioner belt from a 2006 Kia Spectra EX?

First, unfasten the tension mounting bolt. Then, try to loosen the adjusting bolt to relieve the tension on the belt. Once done, take off the belt and install a new one. Next, adjust the mounting bolt to get the correct belt tension, securing the bolt properly.

What causes a speedometer on a Kia Spectra EX to only work when it's cold?

The instrument cluster could be at fault or there might be a defect in the wiring from the powertrain control module (PCM) to the cluster, causing this issue.

What can cause a Kia Spectra EX engine to race but not shift despite flushing the transmission?

The most common cause could be a slipping transmission that may need to be replaced. Other possible reasons could be improper filling of the transmission while flushing, faulty software or an intermittent electrical problem.

What could cause the A/C defroster blower in a Kia Spectra EX to not operate unless slightly tapped?

The brushes inside the motor could be stuck that may fail to make a proper contact, causing this to happen. Therefore, replacing the motor is highly recommended to fix the problem. Since the motor is not available separately, the entire fan motor needs replaced in a case like this.

What can cause a Kia Spectra EX to completely shut off while idling in traffic?

This could likely be caused by a faulty alternator. To verify this, first try to inspect the main fuse for any blown out issues. If it checks out all good, replacing the alternator would be the next best repair option. However, if the fuse turns out to be bad, it could point to a defect either in the wiring or the alternator itself. Make sure to test the alternator before doing any replacements.

What could cause the A/C in a Kia Spectra EX to work intermittently on turning the blower knob?

Most commonly, it could either be from a defective blower motor or a faulty blower switch. Troubleshoot both possibilities to determine which is at fault.

What could cause a Kia Spectra EX to fail to start up with a clicking noise?

A faulty battery or a defective starter could cause the issue described. First, have the battery load tested to ensure if this is causing the problem. If so, replacing the battery would be recommended. If not, the problem could be with the starter that might need a replacement to get fixed. Additionally, one could verify if the fuses to these components are all good to confirm the actual fault.

What could cause a Kia Spectra EX to go into limp mode even after replacing the fluid?

A failed transmission or a defective linear solenoid could be the possible cause for this. Using a diagnostic scanner, scan the computer and check for error codes to figure out the true cause of this problem.

Several issues can arise while driving a Kia Spectra EX. When this happens, repairing them at the earliest possible time is usually the best option. Experts are available to assist with questions and troubleshooting regarding the Kia Spectra EX.  

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