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Speaker System Related Questions

Does your speaker system make a buzzing noise when it’s turned on? Are there no vocals through your speakers while playing music? Questions such as these are often difficult to answer without seeking outside help. When this happens, getting in touch with an Expert to find the right and reliable answer is usually the key to peace of mind. Read below to find answers to questions about speaker system issues that Experts have answered.

What can prevent a Sony SRS-GU10iP speaker system from working?

Dirty pins or contacts on the base of an iPod or the Sony dock can cause this to happen. First, wriggle the connectors on the iPod and use a contact cleaner to clean the connections. Then, replace the iPod with a known working one. If this solves the problem, the contacts in the dock are either faulty or unclean. If not, the defect is in the iPod.

What could cause Logitech X-540 surround sound speaker system to quit working?

Damaged wiring or defective control board could likely cause this issue. First, verify if the wires are properly connected. Then inspect the connectors and wiring for any signs of damage. If they all appear to be good, replacing the system would be the best course of action.

How to fix a speaker system that has no vocals while playing music?

  • First, go to the ‘Sound’ properties in Windows Vista and open the settings in the Control Panel.
  • Then, customize the speaker’s properties and options and go to ‘Start Menu’.
  • Then, click ‘Control Panel’ and type ‘speaker’ in the search box.
  • Under the Sound tab, click the ‘Manage Audio Devices’ located below the ‘Adjust System Volume’ option.
  • Next, preselect the Playback tab when Vista opens the ‘Sound’ properties of the system. This will allow the available speakers in the Sound dialogue to get displayed.
  • Finally, choose the speaker icon and click the ‘Set Default’ button to set it as your default speakers.

What could cause a Bose Companion speaker system to have no sound?

This could be caused either by a defective module control board or a failed wiring between the control pod and the bass module. First, check the wiring and see if it fixes the issue. If not, replacing the main control board in the module will be the next best repair option.

What can cause a Klipsch speaker system to make a buzzing sound when it is turned on?

Electric hum from the power lines at 60 cps can cause this problem. However, in some situations, it could also occur from a faulty amplifier integrated circuit (IC) output, defective power supply or stray AC hum. Troubleshoot these various possibilities to find out the true cause of the problem.

How to increase the sound on a Z cinema speaker system?

  • Click Control Panel and select Sound.
  • Then, in the Sound window, choose the ‘Speakers’ option.
  • Then, configure the system according to your user manual’s settings.
  • Finally, maximize the sound using VLC Player or Jet Audio.

What causes the green ‘ON’ light on a Dell A525 speaker system to be off when the wall power outlet is working fine?

Loose or dry solder of the power cord on the main board or a faulty internal transformer can cause this to happen. Check each of these components to find out what is causing the problem.

What can be done if a Z906 surround sound speaker system fails to work?

Case details: Only the auxiliary light and the two lights in the Input area lights up when the system is turned on.

First, plug the speaker into a different outlet and see if it is working fine. If not, perform a reset. If this still doesn’t work, the back panel of the subwoofer might be overheating, in which case, replacing the unit will be the best option.

How to connect an iPod to a speaker system?

This could be done either by using an Auxiliary input located at the bottom of the center console bin or with an add-on iPod adaptor.

What could cause a speaker system to have a poor sound quality?

First, verify if the cables are working fine, as a damaged one can likely cause this issue. If so, check whether they are touching each other or the casing. If not, then the problem could be with the speakers that will need to be replaced.

A speaker system enhances our listening experience by delivering an improved quality of sound. However, a failure in the device can lead to compromising with the sound quality which might not be a very desirable situation for the owners. Thus, when this is the case, contacting an Expert for good repair tips and solution is always the best recourse. Verified Experts not only solve your queries but also offer effective resolution tips from the comfort of your home at any time of the day.

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