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Toyota Spark Plug Questions

A spark plug is the device that ignites the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder of a car’s engine. This is done to provide the propulsion force needed to move the car. If Toyota spark plugs do not function correctly the car will not start as well as not run properly and the fuel consumption and emissions can increase. Owners should know how to set a Toyota spark plug gap.

Also identifying problems and knowing when a replacement is required, can leave owners confused and uncertain. Obtaining Expert assistance and guidance is the best way to overcome this. Read below where a few Expert responses to Toyota spark plug questions have been answered below.

What is the spark plug gap for the 22Re motor on a 1988 Toyota SR5 pickup?

The recommended Toyota spark plug gap for this engine is 0.8 millimeter (mm) or 0.030” in standard measurement. When installing the plugs, the torque should be set to 11-15 ft. lbs.

How is a spark plug replacement on a Toyota Camry done when requiring an assembly above the plugs to be removed?

The plastic cover is held in place by 2 nos. 10 mm nuts and two rubber plugs. The nuts will have to be removed after which the cover can be lifted away. Four individual coil packs will now be visible. Depress the lock tab on each electrical connector and remove the connectors form the coils. Each coil is held in place with a single 10 mm bolt which needs to be removed. The coils can then be lifted out and the spark plug removal tool with a 6 inch extension can be used to remove the plugs.

What is the best way to gain access to the rear three spark plugs on a 2005 Toyota Sienna?

Accessing the Toyota spark plugs on Sienna is not easy. One way is to remove the upper air intake from the manifold. This is a slow time consuming job but once it is off access to the plugs is easy. The other way is to remove the throttle body from the intake plenum chamber. The two plugs on that side are now reachable and the no.1 plug can be reached from the other side. This will require a 3/8” swivel ratchet and 2, 4 and 6 inch extensions and a swivel type spark plug socket with an extension. Trial and error will have to be used to find the extensions to the tools that reach above the intake chamber. This is so they can be turned and the plugs removed. It may help to remove the cowlings in front of the windshield.

How are the Toyota spark plug wires accessed on a 2006 Sienna van? What is the standard plug type / number?

The 3MZ engine on this model has no wires as it is a COP (Coil Over Plug) type. To access the plugs the upper plastic intake will have to be pulled. When refitting the intake gasket needs to be replaced. The Toyota spark plug specs for the engine are: DENSO SK20R11 or NGK IFR6A11. Both are good and available at auto parts stores.

Why would the Toyota spark plug removal tool not go all the way down the shaft to engage one plug nut on the driver’s side of the engine?

Look down the spark plug hole to see if the metal portion of the plug wire is stuck to the top of the plug. If the top of the plug cannot be seen clearly, someone can check the plug wire that came from that plug. See if the metal portion of the wire is missing and stuck to the plug. A pair of needle nose pliers or a metal coat hanger with a sharp hook can be used to pull the metal piece off the top of the plug. If that does not work, a screwdriver can be used to break the porcelain part of the plug which will then no longer be usable.

When a Toyota spark plug problem arises, it can be difficult to diagnose and then to fix. The answers to these and other questions are often not easily available to the car owner. This fact can result in the wrong decisions being made. To avoid this, getting opinions and answers from Experts is the best alternative and will allow for the right solutions to be applied.
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