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Ford Spark Plug Problems

Need help removing a spark plug in a Ford? Have a spark plug question?

A car owner may have several Ford spark plug problems. The most common one could be that of a broken piece of spark plug inside a cylinder head that may prevent a car motor from starting up. Usually, when such problems arise, a person may have various questions that they might want to find an answer to. In such a situation, it is always recommended to seek an Expert guidance for a better and effective repair.

Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford spark plug problem that Experts have answered.

How could one pull out the metal and the ceramic section of a broken Ford spark plug from inside the plug hole?

In some cases like this, a person could use a special spark plug removal tool kit to pull out a broken spark plug from inside a plug hole. It would allow the person to take out the metal as well as the ceramic portion of the plug from inside the head. Many auto parts stores sell the tool kit. If there is not enough knowledge on how to remove the broken part, an Expert’s professional guidance may be needed.

Would it cause a damage to an engine or the valves if a person installs a new Ford spark plug wherein there is a broken plug piece already present inside a cylinder?

Most of the time, if the broken piece is small in size the installation of a new spark plug may not cause any damage to the engine or the valves. What may likely happen is that the piece would go through the exhaust and its valves and work its way out of the cylinder. However, it would be a good idea to use a lubricant while installing a new plug for a better performance.

What could be the possible reason for water to seep into a Ford spark plug port in a cylinder?

Many times, the reason a spark plug port might have water seeping into it is that the vehicle may have a leak in the wiper cowl. Leaky coolant could also cause such a problem to occur. In a situation like this, the best course of action would be to inspect the wiper cowl and the coolant for any leakage issues. Most likely, the clamps on the heater hose are not fastened properly to prevent such seepage.

What could be the issue if a Ford spark plug broke and fell into the motor of a car? What should one do in a case like this?

If this occurs it could lead to causing internal engine damage. If this is the case, the best possible recourse would be to have the engine cylinder head replaced. Alternately, some may choose to fit a flexible magnet inside the spark plug hole to help attract the metal section of the broken plug inside the cylinder. In case these procedures fail to work, using a coat hanger by attaching some sticky object to it might be a good option. One may also opt to fix this problem by using a special spark plug removal tool that is available at various auto parts stores.

If a Ford spark plug electrode breaks in a cylinder head of a vehicle, what should be done to remove it?

A person could use a tap to take out the wrecked spark plug from inside a cylinder head. In this scenario, a person may need to first lightly hit the remaining part of the plug on its top using an air hammer. This would allow the porcelain to fall at the bottom of the head. Once this is done, the person could take out the broken part with the tap. In case that fails to solve the problem, one would be better off contacting an Expert as they would have the right kit to remove the part. Otherwise, a person would have to remove the entire head to fix the issue.

If a car experiences a Ford spark plug problem, it might sometimes carry the risk of damaging the other components as well as some internal engine parts along with it. At times, one may have the right knowledge in dealing with these issues. While in other situations, they may want to consult an Expert for the best available advice. For instance, if there is a spark plug misfire, it might affect catalytic converters, oxygen sensors to name a few wherein driving the vehicle may not be a good idea. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford spark plug problem, you may ask a Ford Mechanic Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a mechanical insight.
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