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Spa Pump Repair and Troubleshooting

A spa pump has is used to create the thrust for the massaging jets of water and bubbles that are to be found in spas. Additionally, it forces water through the filter to removes dirt and debris. The power of the pump determines strength of the water jets and the massaging action.

Why does my GE 2 speed spa pump give off a loud siren kind of sound and not spin when I switch it on? 

Case Details: It becomes louder in the 2nd speed and stops when I switch the pump off.

The most likely cause of this problem is a bad start capacitor which acts like a starter on a car. The capacitor is about 3 inches long, 1 ¼ inches round and will be either under a hump on top of the motor or inside the back cover. Disconnect the 2 or 3 wires that connect it and fit a new capacitor connecting the wires in the same sequence. If the problem remains then your start winding may be bad and in that case spa pump replacement would be your best option.

Why did my spa pump start working again just when I was about to replace it?

Case Details: Just before starting the replacement, I turned on the spa to be sure that the pump was off. This is when the old spa pump and the blower started. Now both will now not turn off. 

Start by turning off power to the spa for at least 2 hours, which should return the spa to the factory settings. Reset the breaker. If the blower still does not switch off the problem could be with relays on the circuit board have frozen, in which case you may have to replace the board. As for the spa pump, it can happen that the impeller develops a high spot and gets stuck and then spontaneously frees itself. Or the starting capacitor wires could be loose causing the on again off again performance. The capacitor is usually on top of the motor under a cap. Remove the cap and check the connections. If the old pump continues to work, let it be and keep the new pump as a spare.

When I hit the pump button on my Master Twilight Spa, all I get is a click from the control box and a “dr4” message on the display. All the topside LEDs work.

Your situation is that the control panel thinks the spa pump is working when it is not. Shut off the power and open the control box. There should be one or two time delay fuses with an orange or green cardboard center. Check the fuses with a meter for continuity. If the fuses are okay then unplug the pump from the pack, insert the meter probes in the socket and turn the power on. If the meter shows that power is flowing to the pump cord, then the like problem is a defective pump.

My spa pump keeps cutting off. Is this a pump problem? Is spa pump repair or replacement better?

If your spa pump is over 5 years old, the problem could be that the bearings in the motor are failing which cause it to overheat. The thermal overload will then shut off the motor till it has cooled sufficiently to run again. And the cycle will be repeated. You could get the pump checked and the motor repaired. The normal life of most spa pump motors is about 5 years and if your pump is older than that, spa pump replacement may be the better long term solution.

Why does my Waterway Spa Pump Executive 56 Frame 4hp Dual Speed PF-40-2N22C will not start in low speed?

Case Details: It starts in high speed after which I can set it to low. But once it cycles off it will not start in low again and I have to turn off the breaker and wait a few minute before starting it in high. 

The problem is likely to be with the centrifugal switch in the pump motor or the start windings becoming worn out. Your best option is to take it to a spa pump repair shop where they may be able to fix it for you. Get a repair estimate and then take a repair or replace decision based on the repair cost and residual life of the pump versus the cost of a spa pump replacement. Keep in mind that the average life of a pump is 5 years. If the problem is with the start windings I feel that rewinding them is not a worthwhile option on any motor.

A spa pump is a complex piece of machinery and the instructions in the owner’s manual should be followed when attempting spa pump troubleshooting, repair or replacement. If the procedures in the manual do not resolve the problem or do not cover the issue you are facing, getting expert help is the safest way to get the situation corrected.

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