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Soundproofing Questions

Need help soundproofing a room and need to know which is the best way to install an engineered floor to minimize the sound? Need to know how to soundproof a room in a condo with shared walls?

These are just some of challenges which are faced by occupants of homes, commercial complexes and architects and builders as well. Finding the right answers is often a hurdle for ones that don’t know who to ask. When faced with a soundproofing problem the best way out is ask the questions to an Expert.

Read below where a few questions have been answered by Experts.

What is the best way to improve a room which was already soundproofed?

If the existing soundproofing is ineffective it is probably experiencing a phenomenon known as ‘flanking’ the barriers apart from the possibility of nails conducting sound. A proven solution is to butt fiber acoustic ceiling tiles tightly together to the base of the ceiling posts and drywall over them. This acts both as an isolator and disrupter.

When soundproofing between floors is it preferable to work through the floor of the upper floor or the ceiling of the lower?

It is easier to work through the ceiling below. Even if the floor has to be changed it is easier to remove the plywood on a floor than the ceiling. Fiberglass insulation in the floor would be most effective. Additionally installing a carpet over a pad on top of the floor would make the soundproofing more effective.

What is the best way to soundproof a shared wall in a condo?

A low-cost and effective way to do this is by installing Quiet Rock on the wall which is transmitting sound. It may be possible to use the existing drywall as a base but it would be better to consult with the manufacturer first. Here is a link which provides more details:

Would click and lock engineered wood flooring be glued down to a concrete slab floor to enhance soundproofing?

Click and lock engineered wood floors are designed for installation over a moisture proof soundproofing sheet membrane. The membrane absorbs much of the hollow sound and acts as a sound barrier. Its effectiveness depends on the product so each manufacturer’s specifications should be studied before making a decision. An important feature which enhances the soundproofing effect is the flatness of the concrete floor.

Choose a reputed manufacturer of engineered wood and use a recommended adhesive. Provided all these aspects are taken care of, lock engineered wood is a good choice.

What are the various sources of sound entering an office and what can be done about them?

If the separating wall does not extend all the way to the roof decking it is a major source through which noise will be transferred. A wall like this will need to be extended to touch the roof decking and then sealed with acoustic sealant.

Sound travels through ductwork much of which can be reduced by installing sound baffles and duct liners. With increased mass, sound transfer is significantly reduced.

Cracks in doorways are another source of sound which can be minimized by installing weather stripping.

Acoustical tiles are also very effective. Tiles are now available which absorb sound from within and outside the room. Finally a dividing wall which is not airtight will inevitably transfer sound.

Effective soundproofing can sometimes be a problem in buildings despite the range of soundproofing materials available. Sometimes sound is conveyed through unexpected routes and finding a solution is a considerable challenge. When faced with a soundproofing question the best way to find an answer is to consult an Expert.

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