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Sore Teeth Related Questions

Are your sore teeth due to your age or something more serious? Do you have a gum disease that is causing your tooth pain? All most all of us will experience sore teeth at some point in our lives. In fact, even a person with healthy teeth and gums can experience this sort of discomfort from just a sip of a hot or cold drink. Sore teeth can put a halt to enjoying your favorite foods or drinks. If you need immediate answers to relieve tooth pain, then consult with an Expert for customized solutions. Read below where dental Experts have answered questions regarding sore tooth symptoms and causes.

How can aging cause sore teeth?

Everyone goes through hormonal changes as they age. These changes affect each part of the body in different ways. Some people will notice that their mouths become dry as they age. This dryness can cause the teeth and gums to lose moisture as well. If this occurs it can lead to tooth and gum sensitivity.

Can Tardive Dyskinesia cause sore teeth?

TD (Tardive Dyskinesia) and or the medication used to treat it can cause tooth enamel to decay, causing pain. The medicines used to treat this condition have been seen to cause another condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy can also lead to tooth pain.

How does dental hypersensitivity lead to tooth pain?

Enamel protects the surface of teeth to keep them healthy. The roots also have a protective layer called a cementum. This protection is located under the gums. Just under the cementum is weaker more sensitive area of the tooth that is called a dentin. When this area of the tooth loses either of these protective layers the nerves can start to produce tooth pain. This is called dental hypersensitivity.

How to treat a sore tooth from dental hypersensitivity?

Toothpaste made for sensitive teeth is formulated to help block the nerves that cause dental pain. Dental Experts can offer fluoride gels that not only helps to numb pain but also builds tooth enamel.

How does an over bite cause sore teeth?

An over bite can cause involuntary teeth grinding which can lead to tooth pain. If there are any missing teeth this could heighten the sensitivity. This malformation can also lead to sensitivity to exposure to hot and cold.  Sometimes an over bite can make the gum feel as if they are thicker than normal. This too can cause tooth pain.

How does gingivitis cause teeth to become sore?

Gingivitis is a gum infection that can lead to tooth pain. It is considered superficial tooth pain. Gingivitis is caused by plaque having direct contact with the enamel of a tooth for long periods of time. This contact can eat at the enamel which often leads to pain.

What is the recommended treatment for sore teeth caused by gingivitis?

An electric toothbrush along with flossing and rinsing with Listerine can help to relieve tooth pain. Wearing a night guard while sleeping to protect the teeth, if the disease has created cavities, can help as well. Medical intervention may be needed to help prevent pain from worsening. A dentist can offer a tooth and gum scaling. Most importantly use proper brushing techniques.

How to relieve tooth pain for a baby?

Infants will often chew on everything they can find if they are having tooth pain. This pain will go away as soon as the tooth comes in. There are many things you can do to help the baby through the teething process. Infant teething rings and teething gel can be purchased at any pharmacy. Frozen wash clothes or bagels are easy and safe teething solutions. Offering cold drinks in a sippy cup is also a good way to help soothe the baby’s sore tooth.

Many of us will experience the discomfort of a sore tooth at some point in our lives. The discomfort can be caused by many things. And treatment for each sore tooth often depends on getting to the source of the cause. If you still have questions about causes or treatments, turn to an online dental Expert. They provide customized solutions to all your questions. 

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