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Solar Panel Problems

How cost-effective is a solar power installation? Can a solar power system be done as a DIY project? Can power generated by a solar power system be fed into the public grid?

Harnessing solar power is still very much in the early stages though significant impetus has been given to it to reduce the consumption of scarce natural resources. While many homeowners have installed such systems they sometimes come up against issues for which they lack solutions.

Read below where some questions on solar power problems asked to Experts and their replies and answers.

Can a 235 watt solar panel be hooked into a house and what will it be able to power?

To hook any auxiliary power generation to a public grid the system has first to be approved and sanctioned by the utility provider, installed by a licensed electrician and inspected by the local inspector. This is essentially to protect the public grid system itself and neighbors during a blackout.

For every three hours of charge with good sunlight a 235 watt solar panel will power a 700 watt flat screen TV for an hour. It would require a bank of deep cycle batteries for power storage and an 800 watt power inverter. The panel should not be connected to the power supply but be connected directly to the power inverter through separate wiring.

If the copper tubing in a solar heater is damaged and slightly constricted is it OK?

It might not affect the performance of the solar heater but is not really acceptable as it will constrict the flow of water.

Can a solar panel be installed to heat a pool as a DIY project?

Manufacturers of solar panels generally do not sell to the public directly because of the expertise that is needed. A poor solar pool heater installation will give their products a bad name. It would be advisable to contact a reputable dealer and have then install it professionally.

How does a solar panel work and are small ones available enough to power a calculator or docking station?

The output of a solar panel is converted into DC power and stored in batteries, so if it is required to power an AC appliance a power inverter would be needed. Solar power panels are available in a range of capacities.

Solar powered calculators are readily available. Docking stations work on AC power so an inverter is essential.

Is it feasible to power a home and all the appliances in it through solar panels and how many are needed?

Work out the actual power usage from the utility bills by multiplying kw used by 1000 and dividing by 300. This will indicate the number and size of panels needed. Add to that the cost of a transfer switch and inverter which will be needed and of course the battery backup for night supply. It might be a good idea once this information is available to ask contractors for written proposals indicating what tax credits are available. Technically it is feasible but a solar power installation of this size will be capital intensive.

Which is the best rated solar pool heating system for efficiency and durability?

A polypropylene system is by far the most efficient.

PowerPro products rank among the best in solar heating products. To know more about their products visit http://powermat.com. This site is very informative on all aspects of pool solar heating systems.

Are solar-powered water pumps available which can handle 5000 gallon ponds?

Solar-powered pumps are available which can handle this capacity, but if the complete system, including the filter and accessories has to be run on solar power that makes it substantially larger. A totally solar-powered system is going to be very expensive like in the region of $1000 upward. But if a pump is needed merely to pump over a certain height it will cost in the region of $100 or so.

Today using solar power wherever possible is keeping with the environmentally friendly standards and often proves to be quite cost effective. Every effort is being made to find newer and more efficient methods to save fossil fuel reduce carbon emissions and contain global warming.

For solar panel issues and solutions to solar power problems ask an Expert for professional insight and solutions.
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