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Dog Socialization Issues

What is socializing in dogs?

The main reason for the method of socialization is so the dog becomes comfortable with the occurrences that the dog may come across while living with their owner. The correct socialization is very critical for the potential emotional health of the dog in the upcoming future. As a result of showing the dog other dogs, new places, and people, you will be teaching the dog how to react with encounters peacefully. You can read below where the Experts have answered many questions pertaining socializing dogs.

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs while walking?

It seems as if your dog has a problem in meeting other dogs. This is a very common issue; this can take a lot of hard work to correct the problem. You may need to show your dog that you are the alpha in the family, this may mean not allowing the dog on the bed or couch; by allowing your dog to be in these positions the dog thinks that it can question who the alpha between you two is. You may need to try slowly socializing your dog with a new dog; before you try that it may be a good idea to walk your dog inside with a leash on, outside with leash on, outside no leash, outside leash on slowly presenting a dog nearby, and last outside leash off with a dog nearby. Once this has been accomplished you may try socializing your dog with a friend’s dog that is very calm so your dog can be more comfortable while socializing with other dogs.

Why does my dog not play with me or other people?

It sounds as if your dog has not had very much socializing, you may need to make sure that you keep socializing with the dog. If you have your dog meet a new person, you might have them not look at the dog or even speak to the dog; the reason for this is because dog find this threatening. Your dog may come up to sniff the new person in the house, again ask them to ignore the dog. One thing that you should not do is push your dog to meet new people. The dog will learn very quickly that it is okay to sniff new people; this is a good place to have the new person talk to the dog or even try to give the dog a treat. Eye contact probably is still not a good idea considering that it is the most threatening. When someone tries to pet the dog it is a good idea to approach the dog with a closed fist, and allow the dog to sniff until they are comfortable.

Why when my husband tries to pet the dog it runs away?

It sounds like your dog may not have had a lot of socialization with men when it was a puppy. The reason for this is because men are much bigger structure and a deeper voice. These characteristics are very threatening to many dogs. In most cases this issues is something that most dogs overcome with much patients.

Why when people try to pet my dog it walks away?

Sounds like may be your dog has socializing issues. There is a way to get past the dog socializing issue; you may try introducing the dog to some of the things that the dog is afraid of such as people or loud noises. When having a dog with socializing problems you will have to put hard work and patience.

When a dog owner realizes that their dog has socializing problems they think that is something they have done to cause the problem. Many dogs have issues when socializing with other dogs, meeting new people and many other social problems. If you need more information pertaining socializing dogs you can contact the Experts for fast and affordable answers.
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