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Social Security Fraud Questions

What Is Social Security Fraud?

What is Social Security Fraud? Social Security is a social welfare curriculum that gives out benefits to aging, blind and disabled people. Social Security benefits offer qualified recipients with a fund of weekly earnings to assist people. Fraud is where someone misrepresents their circumstances in order to qualify for benefits or someone that wrongfully accepts or receives Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration has a division that investigates charges of fraud and abuse. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) seeks prosecution against the offenders. It is with the public’s help that the OIG fights Social Security Fraud. Read below to find more answers given by the Experts pertaining to Social Security Fraud.

If someone pleads guilty to Social Security fraud goes to jail and now is on house arrest; can they appeal their case?

In a federal criminal matter the time period for appeal would be the minimum ten days from the judgment, and the maximum would be thirty days. It is likely that they have missed that time frame for appeal. With that being said, if there were significant Constitutional deficiencies with case you can try to get it reopened, but that is very difficult.

What is the worst case scenario for someone facing Social Security Insurance (SSI) fraud of $54,000 that has 2 food stamp convictions and is facing a third?

Prison would be the worst case for the individual. As of how long the individual would serve prison time, that would be impossible to determine. The federal sentencing matrix takes many factors into account. The individual should get in touch with a local legal representative right away. The individual’s legal representative could talk with the OIG and U.S. Lawyer’s Office to acquire the individual’s best resolution possible.

What can somebody do if they know of someone that is abusing the SSI benefit system?

If the individual is certain that the party is abusing the SSI benefit system the individual could file a statement about the issue at this site: The site has an online reporting system there along with a phone number. The individual could decide if they want to be anonymous or not.

Is there a statute of limitations on Social Security fraud?

The statute of limitations on Social Security Fraud should to be five years, this will all depend on the area in which the fraud had taken place. The government may say the five years starts at discovery of fraud not when the individual actually committed the fraud.

Social Security fraud can lead to many questions. Experts frequently answer questions on a wide range of topics like how to report social security fraud, social security fraud penalties, penalty for social security fraud and more. Whether someone is unsure of the provision of law, and needs a second opinion or a clarification, all someone needs to do is ask an Expert for quick and affordable answers.
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