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Military Social Security Benefits

What are Military Social Security Benefits?

In the year 1957, if a person had any kind of military earnings for their time that was active duty, they would pay into the Social Security taxes. In the year 1988, inactive duty that is performed during weekend drills while in the Armed Forces reserves also will be included in the Social Security. There are certain types of circumstances where special extra earnings for military services between the years 2001 through 2001. In a lot of cases, these special circumstances will increase the benefits that the person gets. Read below where thousands of Experts have answered many complex questions about Military Social Security Benefits.

If a person receives Dependency and Indemnity Compensation being a surviving spouse, will these benefits continue if the person also receives Social Security?

In most cases Dependency and Indemnity Compensation or DIC is a type of tax-free program through the Veteran’s Administration that is given to the surviving spouse of a military service member. Receiving these benefits will not keep the person from getting Social Security Benefits and the person’s DIC will not be affected.

If a person receives Military Retirement pay and Veteran Affairs disability compensation, will the person be able to get Social Security and not be penalized for receiving the benefits?

In most cases when a person is receiving benefits from the Veteran Affairs, their Social Security benefits will not be affected and the person will still receive the Social Security benefits that they are entitled to when they reach a certain age. According to the statute regarding VA Disability Compensation:

“(2) The reduction of a benefit otherwise required by paragraph (a)(2) of this section is not to be made if: (i) The law or plan under which the periodic public disability benefit is payable provides for the reduction of that benefit when anyone is entitled to a benefit under title II of the Act on the basis of the earnings record of an individual entitled to a disability insurance benefit under section 223 of the Act and that law or plan so provided on February 18, 1981. (The reduction required by paragraph (a)(2) of this section will not be affected by public disability reduction provisions not actually in effect on this date or by changes made after February 18, 1981, to provisions that were in effect on this date providing for the reduction of benefits previously not subject to a reduction); or (ii) The benefit is a Veterans Administration benefit, a public disability benefit (except workers' compensation) payable to a public employee based on employment covered under Social Security, a public benefit based on need, or a wholly private pension or private insurance benefit.”

If an ex-spouse of a military member lives in Germany, is he/she still able to claim Social Security Benefits?

The ex-spouse would only be able to collect on the Social Security of the ex-spouse of they paid into the Social Security. Even of the ex lives in Germany, they would still be able to collect the benefits due to living in Germany not being a hard step to take. The ex-spouse would be entitled to the ex’s military benefits only if they were awarded them in the divorce decree. If the person is a US Citizen that resides outside of the US, then he/she can still receive the benefits.

If a couple is divorced would the ex-spouse be entitled to receive any of the ex’s military retirement or Social Security Benefits?

In most cases the only way for an ex-spouse to be entitled to the retirement benefits of the ex is if it is stated in the divorce decree. The ex-spouse may be entitled to the Social Security surviving former spouse benefits. If the military person dies, then all the benefits that he/she receives will also end upon the date of the person’s death. If the divorce decree states that the ex is to get alimony or child support, then those things are ended when the person dies as well.

Military Social Security Benefits are benefits that a person pays taxes into so that when they reach a certain age they can retire or get the benefits that they have paid in. When a person is getting ready to get the Social Security Benefits, then they may have questions regarding what qualifies or what they can do to get the benefits or who can get the benefits. When these questions arise, then the person can consult an Expert to gain the answers that they need.
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