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Social Anxiety Disorder

What is social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety disorder may also be referred to as social phobia, and this may be where an individual has as extreme and an irrational fear of being in a social situation. Anxiety (may also be referred to as an extreme nervousness) and self-consciousness may begin to show up from the dread of someone watching the individual, being judged or even disapproved of by others. When an individual has a social anxiety disorder the individual may be worried that they may make mistakes, unattractive and may even become embarrassed in front of other people. Often when a person has a social anxiety disorder they know that they have a problem, but may not know how to overcome this or how to change the way they think. However, social anxiety disorders may often interfere with an individual’s normal life, such as school, work, relationships and even social lives. For more information regarding the symptoms, signs and even treatments read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding social anxiety disorders.

What are the social anxiety disorder symptoms?

When an individual has a social anxiety disorder, the individual may be well aware that something may not seem right, however the individual may not be able to control how they feel or what they should do. However, there are some individuals who are not aware of the symptoms of social anxiety disorders and may live in denial. Listed below are some common anxiety disorder symptoms:
• Extreme anxiety during social conditions
• Avoiding social gatherings
• Having physical symptoms of social anxiety such as confusion, fast heart beat, sweating, shaking, becoming red in the face, upset stomach, muscle pains and even diarrhea

What is the social anxiety disorder treatment?

In some cases when an individual has some sort of social anxiety disorder, the believed most effective treatment would be CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). However, in some situations medication may still be used in order to help with the symptoms and that way the therapy may be more effective in helping with the symptoms. CBT is a therapy that is known to help an individual’s thoughts to become more rational and help the individual to stop getting out of certain social conditions that were once avoided because of anxiety. This therapy may help teach the individual to act in a different manner than they normally would. However, there are many different kinds of medications that may used in order to help an individual deal with social anxiety disorder. These medications may include antidepressants such as Paxil, tranquilizers such as Klonopin and Ativan.

If an individual ahs severe social anxiety disorder, panic attacks and a hard time falling asleep would a small dose of Clonozepam help with these symptoms?

In some cases a small dose of Clonazapam may help with the symptoms. However, this may not be a recommended treatment, whereas SSRI medications are. These medications may include Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor and many others. In most cases, the medication doses and type of medication may need to be talked to with a primary care physician.

What can be done for someone who is suffering from social anxiety on medications and is unable to leave their house, talk to people or interact with others?

In some cases where an individual is taking medications for their social anxiety disorder and this is not allowing any type of improvement, in some cases the individual may need to be on a different type of medication or even the individual may need psychotherapy in order to cope with their disorder. However, the individual may need to speak with their general practitioner about the problems the individual is experiencing. In the case the individual is not comfortable leaving their house in order to speak with their doctor, there are some doctors that may make house calls.

Social anxiety disorders are a serious condition that may often control a person’s life because of the fear of what other individuals may think about them. However social anxiety disorder may be able to be controlled with the proper medications and therapy. For more information pertaining to the signs, treatments and symptoms of social anxiety disorders, individuals may contact Experts.
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