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Snoring in Dogs

What is snoring in dogs?

Snoring may be a very common condition that many dogs suffer; there may be some certain breeds that may snore more than others. These breeds may include Bulldogs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, English Toy Spaniels, Pugs, Chow Chows and Boston Terriers. Other breeds that have wide skulls with short noses may have a snoring problem as well. Snoring may typically be due to a blockage in a dog’s airway which could cause a dog to breathe from its mouth instead of through the nose. It may be that a dog’s difficulty in breathing may become worse as the dog becomes older.

What are the most common causes of snoring in dogs?

A dog may snore for several different reasons, snoring may depend on the breed of the dog. Causes of snoring may include but are not limited to.

• Some dog’s may snore because of allergies
• Irritants in the air
• Upper respiratory infections
• In some cases if a dog is overweight the dog may snore
• Small nasal passages

These may be a few causes of snoring; for more information regarding snoring in dogs such as, is there a cure for snoring, how is snoring treated in dogs and could snoring in dogs cause death. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert below.

What could cause a an English Bulldog to snore very loudly on a walk?

Snoring may be a complex condition the reason for that could be due to the fact that many things could cause a dog to snore. Usually in the bulldog breed snoring may be caused from the soft palate being longer than normal. This may mean that the soft palate is stretch out to far in a dog’s throat, this may make it difficult for a dog to breathe. This could cause a dog to breathe harder and this may cause the soft palate to flap in the air which may make the snoring noise. This could become worse with age and if the dog gains excessive weight.

What could cause a young dog to suddenly start snoring even when awake?

A dog may have a condition known as laryngeal paralysis, typically this may be seen in older dogs but that does not mean that a young dog could not have this condition. Another option may be that a dog could have a foreign object stuck in the throat or in the nasal cavities. This may be a condition that may need to be seen by a veterinarian, the dog may need to be under anesthesia.

Could a cold cause a dog to have sudden snoring during the day when awake? The dog does seem to have a runny nose.

In some cases where a dog has never snored and this has happened suddenly it may be possible that the dog could be suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection. Considering that the dog has a runny nose, it may be likely that the dog could have congestion and inflammation. This could cause a dog’s upper airways to make a snoring sound.

Snoring may be one of the most common issues for small dogs. In some cases snoring may not bother a dog, but it may become worse as the dog gets older or if the dog gains weight. A dog owner may have several questions when hearing their dog snore for the first time such as, can snoring be reversed or can snoring cause a dog to die. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert
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