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Small Freezer Problems

What is a small freezer? A small freezer is usually a part of the fridge or a standalone unit meant for keeping contents or food frozen. Due to their size and functionality they can be quite handy and convenient to store average amount of food for a considerable period of time. Sometimes you may face issues with the coolant system, compressor, and thermostat and various other parts on the small freezer.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on small freezer problems.

Can a small freezer be placed on its side while transporting it?

It may not be sensible to place the small freezer on its side while transporting because the oil in the compressor could get into the small capillary pipes which could subsequently cause blockages and gas circulation problems. You could place it with the top end raised around six to twelve inches higher than the back. Once you reach your destination, allow it to stand still for a minimum of three hours before plugging it in.

I accidently broke the coil in the small freezer while chipping the ice. How can I fix the hole and fill up the coolant in the coil?

The coil you are referring to is the evaporator coil. The refrigerant or coolant inside the system needs to be handled and filled only by a certified repairman. It is not a task you can accomplish by yourself. In order to obtain the coil which you need to replace, it would cost you at least several hundred dollars just for the repair. It would be more feasible to possibly replace the unit rather than repair because of the exorbitant expenses involved.

Can we place a small freezer on our porch in Michigan? Many people do place these freezers on their porches or unheated garages.

In order to place a freezer on your porch you would need to purchase an “outdoor” freezer meant specifically for this type of use. The small freezers do not have a heat tube running through the cabinet frame. Absence of this tube allows the door seal to freeze into the frame in winter especially during high humidity. Most of the full size freezers have an in built “Yoder Loop” to prevent the seal from freezing. A small freezer is usually self defrosting and this cannot be placed outside in below freezing temperatures. This is because, when the unit defrosts in these temperatures, the drain hose will freeze causing the drain water to overflow into the freezer unit. The cold weather will not have an effect on the compressor or Freon system unless it is so extreme where the oil could freeze. If the weather is warm enough to start a car, the freezer will not be affected.

My Danby small freezer, five feet in height is not cooling sufficiently though I have set it at maximum cooling. What is the reason and what is the solution?

The Danby units typically could develop a leak in the evaporator coils which may allow the Freon gases to leak out of the system. This is probably due to a poor quality or cheaply designed evaporator. Since the unit is not running or cooling, the cost of parts as well as service/repair is quite high probably more than a new unit too. Given your circumstance, it would make more sense to do away with this freezer and consider buying a new one.

How do I dislodge a stuck drawer from my small freezer?

Verify whether the drawer actually opens or is meant to open. If you have opened it before and the small freezer was frozen at any point, ensure you thaw it completely before trying to open the drawer. You could let it remain unplugged for three hours or more. Despite thawing, if it does not open, there could be ice stuck at the bottom which could be holding it down. Try pouring warm water into the drawer to dislodge any ice which may be at the bottom.

It is important to equip yourself with basic information to handle issues that may crop up with your freezers. Engaging the services of a technician for simple issues which can be handled by you will prove to be expensive as well as unnecessary. Basic issues such as defrosting can be managed by you if you have someone to guide you. Therefore insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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