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Slow Cooker Problems

A slow cooker as the name suggests is a cooker which requires minimal heat or relatively low temperatures compared to other means of cooking such as baking, frying, boiling, and many more options. These cookers are usually electrical countertop appliances which could take a long duration to cook food but can be left unsupervised until it is complete. Dishes which require slow and steady cooking such as pot roast, stew, and so on are suitable to be prepared in this cooker. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on the common slow cooker problems.

Can the crock from a slow cooker be replaced, or would an individual have to buy a whole new slow cooker?

First you can try checking in the major stores in your area for a replacement. Sometimes thrift shops stock these parts. In case you don’t find the right one in these stores, it better to replace or purchase a new slow cooker itself since the part may be expensive and difficult to find.

If an individual has a slow cooker, can this individual warm up food for a long period of time without adding any liquid to the cooker?

The slow cooker needs the liquid because the thermostat needs to sense and heat an element. Without the liquid this is not possible. And ideally the slow cooker is meant for cooking and not re-heating or warming cold food.

What can an individual do to repair their slow cooker’s thermostat? Also, how would an individual remove rust from their slow cooker?

You could probably try checking on online websites if someone is selling this part. Fixing a broken thermostat could cost more than buying a new slow cooker. It would probably be more sensible to replace the slow cooker for a new one. To clear the rust, you could use products available in the market such as Rustbuster, rather than pliers or sandpaper. After doing this, you should remember to re-apply the grease on the shaft when it starts operating again. WD40 is another good product but it is highly flammable hence dangerous to handle. White lithium could be used on the portion needing lubrication however its viscosity prevents it from seeping into the shaft and clear the area.

An Ultex two-in-one slow cooker’s black stone crock cracked while cooking, can this be replaced or how can an individual repair this?

It is difficult to find replacements for this model as the manufacturers have closed down. In order to fix the crack you could use a product such as JB weld which consists of a two part liquid mixture. It will need to be mixed and spread along the crack on the outside of the pot. Let it sit for 24 hours until it has completely dried. Once dry the seal should be quite strong. The sealant could be purchased from any big well known home improvement store or local hardware store.

If an individual has bought a slow cooker from Europe and has bought a transformer is it safe to use if the transformer converts Europe 210 to U.S. 110, however the cooker uses 275 watts and the transformer is supposed to be compatible until 300 watts?

First you need to be sure of wattage of the cooker by checking the name plate tag on the cooker. The wattage is the same for 120 to 240 volts. This information is vital to have the correct sized transformer. If you are sure of the slow cooker being 275 watts and the transformer is calibrated for up to 300 watts, the slow cooker should work fine as 220 volts will convert to 110 volts. The main factor you need to consider is the appliance wattage should be always be less than the capacity of the transformer.

Slow cookers are an excellent option for busy individuals who can use it to prepare a dish while being busy and completing their errands. On the other hand it can lead to a tricky or dangerous situation if your unit encounters any problem while it is operating unattended. This is when Expert’s suggestions and information about your slow cooker problems can help you address the issue in a timely, effective and affordable manner.
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