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Slingbox Related Questions

Do you want to know how a Slingbox works? Or, how to connect the colored cables to the Slingbox? Slingbox is a unique product which helps you view your favorite programs from anywhere, even if you were away from home. This type of innovative technology can help you control you TV from virtually through the help of internet. One is bound to have questions on setup or problems which can arise from time to time. In such a scenario, verified Experts online have answers to various questions that users may face.

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How does a Slingbox work?

The Slingbox operates as follows:

  1. It is connected to a sky satellite receiver. The Sling box should be connected to the internet using a fairly fast or good internet connection at the location.
  2. Software should be loaded on a PC or laptop to connect to the Sling box from anywhere across the world where a good internet connection is available. This allows you to watch the video from the satellite receiver. This system also allows channels to be changed, brings up the channel guide, and so on.

Though you may not obtain quality HD video there will be adequate access programming. If you are not keen on watching the programs on a computer screen, a special box can be connected directly to the TV.

How to connect the first edition iPad to the TV to access the Slingbox which is located at home?

First, the actual Slingbox itself should be connected to the remote TV and to a broadband internet connection. This allows it to broadcast the TV signal out through the internet. Next the iPad will need to be installed with Sling Player software. Using the Sling Player software, you can display the programming on your TV where you are located. This will require an adapter and the iPad settings to be on ‘TV Out.’ However, it should be noted that first generation iPads may not be able to mirror to a TV unless it is built into the application itself.

Why does a message ‘component 2’ related to video and DVD being displayed while trying to watch TV through Slingbox?

Since the message being displayed is related to the DVD, the TV remote should be used and ‘input’ pressed to change the input setting back to Slingbox. What could have occurred here is that the TV does not recognize being connected to a Slingbox because it registers only ‘inputs,’ which is what provides the signal to the TV. ‘Component 2’ that is being displayed is one of many inputs of the TV. Therefore, to get back the programming of the Slingbox, you need to try each and every input one after the other to get the right input mode. This is not necessary if you are aware of the input the Slingbox is plugged into (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and so on).

How to connect the colored cables to the Slingbox?

The Slingbox typically has RCA jacks and cable boxes come equipped with similar jacks. To connect them, the three jacks from cable box should connect to the red, yellow and white ‘IN’ jacks on the Slingbox and then connect the box to the TV using the ‘OUT’ jacks. All one needs to ensure is matching the colors correctly between the cable box and Slingbox. Doing this, places the Slingbox in the signal path between the cable box and TV.

Is a Slingbox required to watch Xffinity Comcast on a smartphone?

In order to watch live television on a mobile phone, there is a need for a device such as Slingbox or something similar. In case the service provider Comcast provides this, it will need to be rented. This may work out more expensive than buying a Slingbox. Therefore, you can consider Dish or DirecTV for Slingbox as Sling is an industry standard.

What can be done if the Slingbox is not working and there is sound but no picture?

Case Details: The error displayed is ‘DVI/HDMI output is blocked. Press exit and cancel.’

First, set the video input on the TV for the Slingbox which needs to remain a constant. Anytime the Slingbox needs to be viewed, the TV should be on this video mode. If it still does not work, the Slingbox should be rebooted by disconnecting it from power for 10 seconds and plugging it back in. The TV should also be reset by shutting it off and disconnecting it from power. The power button on the TV should be pressed and held for 10 seconds and then released. The TV should then be plugged back in, powered up and the video input for the Slingbox should be selected. If these actions do not help, the Slingbox needs to be replaced as it should be producing any errors and this cannot be repaired, hence replacement is the only option.

As seen above, Slingbox can make it easier to view your favorite programs from anywhere but it can be frustrating and challenging if sudden problems arise or when you need to connect your various electronics seamlessly. This is when electronic Experts can help resolve any problems through their insights and knowledge, from the comfort of your home, quickly and affordably. 

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