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Slide-in Gas Range Questions

Slide-in gas ranges offer the burner and oven controls upfront and are usually wider on top to overlap the counter and provide an intrinsic look. These ranges are usually 30 inches wide and are designed to be built between two cabinets. The slide-in ranges offer better options to maintain a clean range and a neat finish and look to your kitchen. Read below where thousands of different Experts have answered the commonly asked questions regarding slide-in gas ranges.

Can a Kitchenaid slide-in gas range installation be vented into the basement?

Usually the vent is 30 inches, set up at the rear of the range. The installation is dependent on the back guard, above the cooktop. If your range has a back guard, the vent is not required and vice versa. However in your case, it is probably better to have the vent installed due to this being a slide-in range model. Altering the range in any manner such as installing an external vent at the rear of the range could invalidate your warranty. Since these appliances are highly engineered and expensive, compromising on the installation could do more damage than good.

Why does turning on the oven on a GE Profile slide-in gas range trip the house breaker?

First you would need to check if this happens when you use the broil option as well. If it only occurs with the bake setting, it indicates the bake igniter is short circuiting or it could be the wiring between the display relay board and the bake igniter which is short circuiting. You will need to examine the wires below the oven to rule out any apparent signs of burnt wires. If the wires appear fine, dismantle the floor inside the oven to remove the igniter, which is held in place by two screws. Unscrew these screws to remove the igniter and replace it.

A Kitchenaid slide-in gas range is producing a loud hum which continues even after the stove is turned off, is this normal?

The hum that you hear is the cooling fan which turns on to cool and protect the electronics on your range. This process can last for approximately 20 minutes. It is quite difficult to adjust this or modify this as it is a normal feature of your model of slide-in gas range. If this sound were not meant to occur or was abnormal for the appliance, an error code would have been displayed on the control board informing you of it.

Why does the oven control setting on a GE Profile slide-in gas range work fine with the lights coming on but the oven does not heat? What could be the cost for the repair?

This is another issue dealing with the oven igniter. Oven igniters usually have a life span of six to eight years under normal use. The mechanism of the igniter is such that they need an input of 3.2 amps to be able to open the gas valves. If the igniter is weak or malfunctioning it could open the valve slightly or open and shut the valve several times instead of allowing it to remain open. The glow of the igniter is irrelevant because, though it could be glowing, it may not be receiving sufficient power to keep the safety valve open. The cost of the igniter is $50 and the replacement can be managed by you if you are handy. To have it serviced by a professional, it could cost you $150 to $175.

What is the meaning of an F1 error on a GE Profile slide-in gas range?

The basic meaning of an F1 error is that a function key could be stuck or the control board is malfunctioning. Some models combine the touchpad into the electric range control (ERC) or clock as a single assembly. In such a case no test is required and you just need to replace the ERC or the clock. If yours is a different model, to determine whether the clock (ERC) or touchpad has become defective you can follow the below mentioned simple test:
1. Disconnect the power to the range
2. Access the ERC
3. Unplug the ribbon wire of the touchpad connecting to the ERC
4. Ensure there are no lose wires to prevent any short circuiting. Reassemble the control panel and turn on the power
5. Wait for an hour to check see if the F1 error and beep is heard
6. If it does occur, you need to replace the ERC
7. If there is no error message, you need to replace the touch pad.

A qualified appliance repair technician can be called in case you are not too comfortable to do so.

Slide-in gas ranges are a particular variety of kitchen ranges. They usually have the cooktops as well as ovens. As seen above, igniters and control panels can be the cause for many issues. Unfamiliar noises are quite common. Apart from the ones listed above, your problem could be completely different. In order to know more about your particular problem and find an optimum solution, consulting Experts could prove to be useful and reasonable.
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