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Baby Sleep Solutions

Sleep solutions for babies can vary do to the symptoms relating to the cause of a child waking in the night. What may work for one child may not necessarily work for another. Parents may become frustrated in understanding whether a child is waken due to an illness or because they just want a little extra attention. When we think we have tried everything we may become exhausted in searching a sleep solution for babies that works. An Expert may have insight in finding a sleep solution for one’s baby in the questions below.

What could cause a baby to stop breathing at different times, wakes up, cries and screams regularly during naps and at night?

Sleep apnea usually shows up in babies in the first year with pauses in their breathing of up to 20 seconds. This may be common in preemies. In time a baby may develop obstructive issues that may include excess mucus involving one’s adenoids. If a child is experiencing pauses of 10 seconds or more this could be an alarm that something is wrong. Pauses of 3 seconds or less followed by a short period of rapid breathing can be normal in some babies. In finding a sleep solution for your baby it may be necessary to visit with a pediatrician about sleep apnea to see if a sleep study is necessary. A baby should also sleep alone, in their own bed, in order to achieve uninterrupted sleep that can be brought on in the presents of another in their bed.

What can one do for an infant with a stuffy nose and congestion who may not be getting enough rest due to these symptoms?

Over the counter medications should not be administered to an infant unless prescribed by a pediatrician or physician. In a sleep solution for babies that may be suffering from a cold, a cool mist humidifier in their room may offer some comfort for one’s baby. Elevating the head of the mattress and using a nasal bulb to remove excess mucus from the nasal passage can also offer relief to your baby for a stuffy nose and congestion. If symptoms persist one may want to consult with a pediatrician in finding a sleep solution for babies for relief of these symptoms.

Should a parent change a 5 month old breast fed baby to lactose intolerant formula during the night because of the child waking up and becoming fussy at night?

At 5 months a baby could be sleeping through the night but some may still require a night time feeding. If the milk was the cause for your baby wakening, a baby would display symptoms of fussiness after feedings throughout the day as well. An offering of soft solid foods at meal time may give additional nourishment that may satisfy a baby’s urge to eat throughout the night. A gradual increase in periods between eating throughout the day may encourage a longer resting period for a baby at night. Acid reflux in babies may disturb their sleep causing a child to frequently wake when lying down to sleep. An Expert may have an offering of a sleep solution for babies who may have trouble sleeping through the night.

An active chatty toddler who was colicky as a baby still wakes up frequently in the night crying. My pediatrician does not seem to be concerned. Is this normal behavior for a baby of this age?

Although most children are sleeping through the night at this stage, this is not uncommon. A child’s sleep patterns may be formed as an infant, it may be necessary to retrain a child’s sleep habits. Dr. Richard Ferber, leading pediatric sleep expert has designed a method called "Ferberizing your child”, an Expert may have insight to his method in offering sleep solutions for babies that are directed to your experience.

An infant with inconsistent bowel movements wakes frequently in the night and displays expressions of pain. We have tried exercise and over the counter medications with no results, is this something we should be concerned with?

In finding a sleep solution for babies a diagnosis of the apparent issue may be necessary. If a child’s development is progressing as normal then this may not be a cause of alarm. Weight and growth progression and nutrition in a baby is followed through regular visits to ones physician. One may want to follow up with their pediatrician or GI (gastroenterologist) in an offering of relief for the bouts of inconsistent bowel movements that may be causing the interruption and discomfort in their child’s sleep.

Diagnosis of the underlying cause of a child waking in the night may offer a resolution to one’s sleep disturbance. Some parents just have simply spoiled their child by giving into their cries in the night satisfying their call for attention they may receive. Given that most sleep patterns may be formed as an infant, retraining a child of their sleep habits may be necessary in finding a sleep solution for one’s baby. For more information regarding the different baby sleep solutions contact the Experts.

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