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Mercedes SL500 questions

Mercedes Benz SL (Sport Light) was manufactured in 1954. Since, the SL Series has rolled out various cars designed with different engine forms. Among these was the SL500 featuring a powerful engine with high quality specifications. As it is with any vehicle, customers may face questions when having faulty code issues or noises from the engine that can't normally be explained. Listed below are a few questions about the Mercedes SL500 that have been answered by the Experts.

What does a P0702 fault code in a Mercedes SL500 mean?

This suggests the transmission control mode has fault codes stored in it. Generally, 722.9 transmissions develop problems to do with the speed sensors in the conductor plate or the valve body (control unit).

Connect the car to Star Diagnosis to check the fault codes first. If needing to replace any parts, rebuilt valve bodies can be purchased from Mercedes, A repair kit for the speed sensors on most valve bodies is also available.

Can an AAMCO transmission mechanic replace a faulty valve body or conductor plate in a Mercedes SL500?

Since this vehicle has vehicle specific parts that need to be programmed, it may not be possible for AAMCO to perform the repairs. The valve body in the Mercedes is the electrohydraulic control module for the transmission. Therefore, it may not be possible to repair it without the help of the tester.

Why wont the cell phone charger and GPS charger don’t fit the cigarette lighter socket in an 1998 Mercedes SL500?

Usually, the SL Series have shallower lighter sockets compared with other cars. As a result, chargers don’t fit properly and wobble. To fix this, get an auxiliary charging socket added to the car. This can be done by mounting one under the dashboard. Alternatively, wire in a loose one attached to a pigtail. All that is needed is a power source close by. It can even be wired under the ashtray but the dashboard could be easier to deal with.

How can the creaking in the retractable roof in a Mercedes SL500 (2005) be removed?

To begin with, most retractable roofs rattle is not much that can be done except try to reduce the noise. To do this, get a meter of ‘sticky felt’ and a bottle of seal conditioner from the dealership. Examine all the top and trunk lid stops of the car and insulate them with the sticky felt. Once this is done, grease all the rubber parts using the conditioner. This should lower the creaking.

What can be done when a Mercedes SL500 feels bumpy while driving and is flashing warnings “ABC Drive Carefully” and “Car Too Low”.

It seems as if the suspension system is switching to emergency mode by default. To fix this, get the system examined for any leaks and hook the car up to the Mercedes tester to check the fault memory of the suspension system.

If the car is flashing a "Stop Car Too Low" sign, raise the car with the switch found close to the gearshift and get it checked out as soon as possible. Also, use extreme caution when turning the car since the wheels could scrape the inside the fenders and create damage when the suspension is down.

At this stage, until the car is examined properly, driving with a low suspension or a leak that could make the pump run dry could damage the car even further.

While questions may have answered a few of queries on the Mercedes SL500, there could be many more that pertain to specific situations. Often, getting important information quickly can save trouble later. Direct all questions to the Experts now who can offer valuable insights and helpful suggestions at an affordable cost.
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