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Mac Skype Problems and Troubleshooting

Need help downloading Skype? Is your camera not working for Skype? Since this application requires the use of a camera, on occasions the error “camera being used by another application” is displayed. Experts suggest quitting all open applications, re-launching Skype for Mac, setting it up and testing it. In case other chat programs (iChat or Yahoo messenger) are present from startup, they may need to be disabled. To know about Skype troubleshooting, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

What could prevent Skype from opening on a Mac?

Using the “Spotlight” or search function at the top right corner of the Mac locate Skype. Once Skype is found on the list, select it and click on “Quit Process”. Then re-open Skype. In case this action does not work, the Mac should be rebooted in safe mode by following these steps:

  1. First shut down the Mac
  2. Next press the power button
  3. Immediately after the startup tone is heard, press the “Shift” key as soon as possible. Do not press it before the startup tone.
  4. Release the “Shift” key once the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator is visible (this resembles a spinning gear)
  5. After doing this, re-launch Skype. Once it is running properly, the Mac can be restarted in normal mode.

Among two Mac computers, what should be done if the Skype icon has a gray “?” superimposed on it whereas it works normally on the other Mac?

First, go to the Macintosh HD and navigate the following path: “Applications”, ”Utilities” then double-click the “Disk Utility” folder. Once it opens the hard drive detail (Macintosh HD) should be visible on the left side. Highlight hard drive and clikc the option “Verify Disk” on the right. If this is fine the “Repair Permissions” on the left should be clicked. If “Verify Disk” is not fine, the “Repair” option can be tried. If the repair option is successful, then the “Repair Permissions” option can be tried.

Once this is complete the Skype icon should be dragged off the “Dock” folder and then from “Applications” the Skype icon should be dragged back into the “Dock”. In case there is no Skype icon present in the “Applications” folder it means that Skype is not present on this Mac either because it was deleted or moved. Therefore, download and re-install it from the following link:

While using Skype for Mac, why am I unable to see the person calling though they can see me?

  1. Open Skype.
  2. From the Skype menu, go to “Preferences”.
  3. Click on “Video”.
  4. Next navigate to “Camera” and from the drop down list select “Built-in iSight”.
  5. Next check, tick or enable: “Enable Skype Video”, “Start my Video automatically” and “People in my Contact list”.

How to download Skype on a Mac using OS 10.6.4 with the error "Can't connect to Skype. Please check your network settings and try again" appears or it fails to connect?

The Skype application for Mac may have been deleted while additional components remained. Drag the Skype for Mac application from the “Applications” folder to trash and empty the trash. Next open the “Finder” window and click the username at the right side below “Places”. Next open the “Library” and “Application Support” folders. Locate the folder named “Skype” and delete it. The finder window should be closed and a new one opened. Click the username again, along with opening the “Library” and “Preference” folders. In here the following file should be deleted: "". Empty the trash by pressing “command+shift+delete”. After this Skype for Mac can be reloaded and reinstalled. While logging in, it should be ensured that the correct username and password is used.

As seen above Skype for Mac requires certain parameters and settings to be correct in order to function smoothly. There may be other instances of Mac OS requirements for Mac Skype to work properly. To get more Skype information and have your Skype questions answered, Experts could prove necessary and useful.

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