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Cat Skin Irritation

When a cat is showing signs or symptoms of their skin being irritated, individuals may be unaware of what can cause the irritation. Many individuals only believe that fleas are the main cause; however there are many other culprits. These may include fleas, ringworm’s, other parasites, allergies, grooming products, changes in the weather, tumors, stress, yeast or bacterial infections and chemicals. It is best to have a cat seen by a veterinarian to have the exact cause determined as well as proper treatment administered. Questions about cats’ skin irritation in can often cause many difficult questions as to what causes dry skin, what causes skin irritation as well as the symptoms and treatments. Read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding skin irritation in cats.

What can be done for an indoor cat that has skin irritation?

Even though this cat is indoors, there may still be a case this could be flea allergic dermatitis. Other issues could be bacterial infections, allergies, fungal diseases and skin parasites. Even though fleas are not seen by the owner, this does not mean the cat is clear from fleas, a veterinarian may need to make this diagnosis. Often just one flea bite can cause skin irritation. The cat will need to be seen by a vet for the proper medications such as steroids to be prescribed as well as effective flea medications. The individual can purchase Benadryl 25 milligram tablets and give a ½ tablet to the cat every 12 hours to help any itching.

What can be done for dry skin irritation and dander?

Since the cat has dandruff, this is an indication that the cat is excessive skin and in unable to shed it in a particular form. The dead skin then accumulates on the cat’s body and flakes off, also known as dandruff. Dandruff can be a sign of an overactive thyroid and the cat’s thyroid levels may need to be examined for proper treatment. Skin allergies may also be the cause of this skin irritation. Sometimes a prescription of a low allergy diet can help to treat this condition.

What could be the reason a cat keeps licking its upper lip and is not causing skin irritation?

When a cat is having some sort of skin issue, there may be a number of different conditions causing this. It may still be unknown as why a cat may develop one of these conditions. In this case, the cat may have a condition that is known as eosinophilic granuloma complex. There are three different types of this condition. The condition may appear as a yellow to red ulcer that is elevated on the sides, and usually appears on the upper lip. If the ulcer does not go away on its own, then further testing may be needed to find out the exact reason why this as occurred and proper treatment started.

What could be the reason a cat is pulling its hair out with no signs of fleas or skin issues?

When a cat begins to pull out its own hair with no signs of any other condition, this may be caused because of a parasite, infection or skin allergy. However, there are still other conditions that could cause a cat to pull its hair out. Some thyroid issues can cause a cat to lose its hair. If the hair falling out is excessive, this may actually be caused by the cat over grooming the body. When a cat is actually pulling their own hair out, this is known as a neurological manifestation disease as well as a behavioral problem. In order to find the cause, blood work, possible sedatives, shampoos and special diets may need to be started as well as a visit to a vet’s office for a diagnosis.

What can be done if an elderly cat that is scratching at its left ear causing scabs and bleeding with no signs of fleas or dry skin?

When an elderly cat is scratching at its ear, this can be an indication that the cat may have some sort of infection or ear mites present. Debris located in the ear canal will be able to determine the ear issue. There is no known over the counter treatment that can help treat ear condition. Deep ear infections may cause damage to the cat’s ear drum and other inner ear issues such as deafness and irritation to the nerves. In the case there is redness present or debris, the individual will need to have the cat seen by a vet to have the appropriate topical medication prescribed. In elderly cats, the common cause for skin irritation is allergies. Allergies can cause scabs and skin irritations.

When skin irritations occur, there are a number of possibilities. Skin irritations can be overwhelming to some individuals regarding the causes and appropriate treatment and steps that need to be taken. When a cat develops some sort of skin irritation, it is wise to have the cat seen by a vet to have the proper tests performed as well as effective treatment prescribed. For more information regarding the causes, treatments, and symptoms of skin irritations in cats, individuals can contact an Expert.
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