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Sinusitis Treatment Questions

Sinusitis is a word that refers to swelling of the sinus cavities that surround the eyes. This occurs when the sinuses are not draining properly which can lead to mucus buildup and infection. Acute and chronic sinusitis in most cases act in the same fashion but are generally triggered by different things. The acute form is often caused by allergies, bacterial or fungal infections and often can be left behind by a common cold. This form is generally well managed with home remedies and over-the-counter medications. However, when symptoms persist more than eight weeks this is when it is considered chronic sinusitis. Fungal allergies nasal, polyps or resistant infections are often the reason for this strains longevity. While this strain is less common it has been known to cause more damage to the sinuses. Symptoms of sinusitis can include fatigue, nasal and throat discharge and congestion as well as pain and swelling of the eyes, nose and cheeks. These symptoms may last over three months when left untreated. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding sinusitis.

What is the difference between sinusitis and strep?

Sinusitis and strep throat are characterized by different symptoms and areas in which they affect. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavities. Symptoms may include pain and swelling of the eyes, cheeks and forehead there may be more depending on what sinuses have been infected. Strep is an infection of the throat that’s symptoms may include throat pain, difficulty swallowing, swollen tonsils, weakness fever and headache.

Can food allergies cause sinusitis>?

Certain food allergies have been known to cause sinusitis this is thought to be due to a triggered immune response. Responses such as this can lead to inflammation and blockage of the small nasal openings that lead to the sinuses.

The only sure way to determine if you have a food allergy is ELISA Food Allergy Panel test which measure your immune response to approximately 100 different foods. Transillumination (shining a light through the sinuses) is used to look for sinus inflammation.

What is vacuum sinusitis?

Vacuum sinusitis generally occurs after having an upper respiratory infection. It is where the nasal membranes become swollen due to infection and begin to block the paranasal passage. Because of this pressure gets built up from the blood retaining access oxygen resulting in negative sinus pressure call vacuum sinusitis. Because of the vacuum, needed mycoses are secreted from the membrane which results in pain.

What can be done for sinusitis?

There are several ways that sinusitis can be treated, below is a list of these treatment options.

Over-the-counter and home remedies:
• Claritin once a day
• Xylmetazoline nasal spray 2 squirts 3 times daily for 7 days
• Mentholated steam inhalation 2 times a day

Treatments a doctor must provide:
• X-rays
• Antibiotics
• Nasal culture

Can sinusitis cause permanent ear blockage?

Sinusitis has been known to cause a blockage of the ear which can lead to a bit of a hearing loss. However, this is generally not permanent and most often resolves on its own within a few weeks. In the event that the blockage persists it is advised to speak to a doctor about the possible need for a CT scan.

Sinusitis is and infection of the sinuses that can be cause from a number of things. In most cases these types of infections can be treated with over the counter medications and generally resolve within a few weeks. However, when the infection persists this could indicate that medical attention is needed. When questions arise regarding sinusitis, turn to the Experts that can help answer these questions and more.
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