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Feline Sinus Problems

What are sinus infections in cats?

A sinus infection in a cat is when there is infection in the sinus cavity of the nose. Typically, sinus infections are either by rhinitis or sinusitis. Rhinitis refers to an infection in the general area of the nose while sinusitis refers to the actual sinus cavity. Often, sinus infections can also cause other health problems and treatment with antibiotics will be needed in a timely manner. When there is evidence of a sinus infection, questions may arise regarding causes, treatment, or cure. Below are some questions regarding sinus infections in cats that are answered by an Expert.

If a cat has a sinus infection along with yellow nasal drainage, is antibiotics needed? Can Zyrtec help if allergies are the cause?

When a sinus infection is present along with yellow nasal discharge the cat may require antibiotics. If the infection is caused from allergies, a 5 milligrams (mg) tablet of Zyrtec may be safe to give.

What can cause a sinus infection? Can honey help with consistent sinus infections in cats?

When a feline sinus infection is present, there may be a chance that using honey to treat the infection may not work. The infection often needs to be looked at further to determine if there are medical causes for the sinus infection. Often, a sinus infection can be caused from several different things from simple allergies to the herpes virus.

Is sneezing and drainage from the nose a symptom of sinus infections? What can cause the infection in cats?

When a feline is sneezing and having drainage from the nose, this could be a symptom of a sinus infection. Sinus infections may be the result of other health issues such as allergies, herpes virus, and upper respiratory infections. The sinus infection may be caused by a virus that does not respond to any kind of antibiotics. If there is an infection present, antibiotics may only be used to treat the infection, but not the primary cause of the sinus infection.

What can be done to help mucus drain from a cat’s nose when a sinus infection is present?

When a cat has a sinus infection and there is mucus buildup, there are some home remedies on how to clear the nose. Saline spray is often used to help moisten the infection or buildup to help clear the sinus passages. Humidification may also be used to help loosen the mucus as well as helping the mucus drain. Medication may also be suggested to help stop the virus from spreading. When a cat has a sinus infection there may be problems with difficult breathing, or even spreading the infection to other cats in the house. Sinus infections may be caused from other medical conditions so treatment may depend on what the other medical condition is. When there is a sinus infection present, questions regarding treatment, causes, and possible ways to prevent the sinus infection from returning may arise. When there are questions regarding sinus infections, individuals may contact an Expert for the answers.
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