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Shower Cartridge related Questions

The cartridge is probably one of the main components in faucets and shower installations. Shower cartridge replacement is fairly simple and can be attempted at home. Sometimes while doing so, questions and issues can come up. Users should, at that moment, seek the guidance and information provided.

To read about some other shower cartridge problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

Why would a shower cartridge on a Mixet shower faucet, now cause the temperature control to rotate easily, the shower cartridge pops out and the temperature of the water also varies drastically?

To begin the process of troubleshooting, it should be ensured that the right shower cartridge parts were replaced or installed. Next it should be ensured that the shower cartridge is seated properly into the valve with the retaining nut tightened. The volatility of the water temperature could also be related to the shower cartridge. It should be ensured, that there are no pieces of old shower cartridge or “O” rings remaining inside the valve. While installing shower cartridges with “O” rings it is recommended to use plumber’s silicone lubrication on the rings and inside the valve body. This eases the installation of the shower cartridge.

What can cause the handle of a shower cartridge on Moen faucet to turn off by itself while on bathtub mode water flows to the shower and the handle remains intact when the diverter is pulled..

This is most likely a case of a defective shower cartridge. The water pressure could be closing the valve. This is occurring at the time while the tub is being used because there is more water flowing to the tub than there is to the shower. This problem is more common with unbranded replacement parts and sometimes even with genuine Moen shower cartridges.

After a Delta shower cartridge replacement, why does the water only trickle out?

To begin with the shower head should be removed to check for a clog. Debris can dislodge when the water was shut down and clog the fixtures. In case this is not the situation, the shower cartridge should be removed. The water can be turned on for a couple of seconds in order to clear out the body. If this does not work, remote the cartridge and separate the two halves to check if the pressure balance spool is moving freely. If they are, the temperature dial at the tip of the cartridge should be removed. If the problem persists, the problem could be a bad clog either in the shower head or spout lines. To try and unclog it, a wire can be sent through the pipe to distribute the water.

After a Delta shower cartridge replacement, why won’t the water turn off?

Prior to going about the shower cartridge replacement, there are certain important points to keep in mind. Primarily, it should be ensured, that the shower cartridge being installed is the correct part or model meant for the faucet. To ensure this, the old shower cartridge can be taken to the plumbing supply store to obtain an exact match or same manufacturer. Apart from this, all the rubber “O” rings which are meant to be installed with the shower cartridge should be present. Application of plumbers silicone lube to the “O” rings ensures the installation is easy and provides good sealing. When the new shower cartridge is inserted, it should be placed into the valve body so that it is seated correctly. Before inserting, the area should be cleared of any debris, pieces of old “O” rings and so on. Finally the trim and handle can be reinstalled. If these pointers are followed or kept in mind, especially the insertion or placement of the shower cartridge, the faucet should not leak and operate properly.

As seen above there can be several questions and problems which can arise with respect to shower cartridges and their replacement. Experts have provided information or answers on what could have occurred in each of these cases. The problem or question you could be facing with your shower cartridge could be different from what is stated above. The solution to this issue need not be an expensive plumbing job that needs to be handled by a professional. With the guidance from Experts, one would be able to attempt or educate them self regarding the shower cartridge problem being faced and its possible solutions or repair options.
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