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Short Term Disability

There are many questions that arise when dealing with short term disability. Everything from what classifies as a disability to how long exactly is short term to how to apply for short term disability. Many people everyday get hurt and are unaware if they have a short term disability case at all.

Short term disability questions are some of the most asked questions online. Hiring a disability lawyer is at most times expensive and very time consuming. It can also be very frustrating when you don’t know exactly what you want to ask. If you have any questions to do with short term disability law, you can receive the answers from Employment Lawyers.

Can a person be laid off if he/she is on short term disability?

Each state has different ways to handle this situation. The individual can in fact file for unemployment compensation, when they feel as if they are ready to return back to their employment and they are unable to be hired back on.

Can a person collect unemployment if they are on short term disability and quit their job because the company wouldn’t find them a different position?

In most places of work if you choose to quit a job you would not be able to receive unemployment benefits. However, if you are under contract with the company, then the employer must follow the guidelines of the contract. If you get hurt at work then it’s possible that you have rights under your state’s Workers Compensation Law.

If the reason a person is on short term disability is due to mental issues does the person have to report this to their employer?

In most situations, you don’t have to report the diagnosis to your employer. However, when applying for short term disability, it is often better to be upfront with all medical issues, including mental this may help determine short term disability needs.

Are there laws protecting people with accumulated vacation and sick leave while on short term disability?

In some instances, an employer may allow a person to use their sick days but usually the employer cannot force the employee to use their vacation days.

Can a company deny a short term disability if the person is pregnant?

If an employee cannot perform their job duties due to pregnancy, the employer would have to treat the person the same as they would someone that is temporarily disabled. This is covered by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Short term disability laws and benefits are in place to help those who get hurt and cannot work, regardless of on the job or someplace else and have all intension of returning to work at a later time. However, not everyone understands the legalities behind the law and their rights, resulting in uncertainty and legal questions. When faced with any question about short term disabilities feel free to contact Employment Lawyers for quick and affordable answers.
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