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Subaru Shock Questions

A shock absorber, more commonly known as a shock or damper, is a mechanical component designed to provide a smoother ride. This is done by softening movements and impacts in an automobile on the road. A shock is designed to absorb much of the kinetic energy generated by sudden and strong movements of the wheel. This surplus energy is dissipated by other means.

Shock absorbers make an auto ride a more comfortable experience and also contribute significantly to the stability of a moving vehicle. Shock absorbers are a gray area to many motorists so Experts provide answers to their questions and offer much-needed information. Read below some of the many questions that Experts have answered.

How often should the shocks and struts on a Subaru Outback be replaced?

There is no time specified for Subaru shocks replacement. It all depends on their condition which again is contingents on road conditions. The check the condition of a shock, push down on each wheel independently and release the owners body weight. The car should bounce back and stabilize at once. If it bounces more than once the shocks are weak and ready for replacement. A weak shock will provide a bouncy ride.

What should it cost to replace the full set of shocks on a Subaru Outback?

Cost is always based on the location of the vehicle as this can vary vastly from state to state as well as in different countries. It is always recommended to call and check the prices in the area of which the owner is located.

A Subaru WRX with aftermarket shocks has started making a grinding sound from the front driver’s side. What could be the cause?

Since the car has 100,000 miles on it, the suspension joints could have worn. Jack up the car and check each wheel independently for play which will indicate if a joint replacement is needed. At the same time the bushes and mountings could be checked and replaced if worn. While there, check that all engine and gearbox mounts are tight. The cause of the noise should be clear after that.

Could leaky shocks on a Subaru Outback be put off for a while and will it affect the driving on snow/ice covered roads?

A shock absorber leak suggests a bad seal and can only get worse, especially as the weather becomes colder. The leak will progressively increase till the bounce begins to affect the stability of the vehicle. A full-set replacement before the onset of winter would be the right decision.

Is it safe to drive a Subaru Outback 250 miles when an ABS wheel sensor broke while being replaced, now the ABS, CEL lights, and cooling fan won’t turn off?

Since an ABS sensor has broken, the lights being on are to be expected. The cooling fan however is a matter of concern. Theoretically it should be OK to drive 250 miles but without traction control or ABS braking, so avoid driving on slippery surfaces. The situation is still unclear as the CEL light could suggest that something more could be at fault. A computer scan will provide a clearer picture of just what is going on. To postpone the trip till the car is repaired is a recommended decision.

In the never-ending pursuit of a smoother, safer ride, shock absorber technology has made significant strides. This is done by using newer materials and improved designs including making the stiffness of suspension adjustable. Here invariably the driver has to strike a balance between a more comfortable ride and the level of control.

Since there are many unknowns with shock absorbers it pays to consult an Expert for solutions which are typically more practical and cost-effective.
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