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Chevy Shocks related Questions

Shocks are an important part of the suspension systems of automobiles and other wheeled or tracked vehicles. In automobiles, shocks reduce the effect of movement over rough ground thereby improving the quality of the ride and the handling of the vehicle. Just like any vehicle part, a pair of Chevy shocks can develop problems leading to questions on how to deal with them. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

Could a problem with the Chevrolet Shocks on a 2003 Tahoe cause the steering and suspensions to feel like one is driving on ice?

It is possible that the vehicle may have to be fitted with a new pair of Chevy shocks as the internal valves may be faulty. To test whether new shocks are required, bounce the truck hard at each corner and then let go of it and observe. If the shocks only turn two cycles and then the truck stops hard then they are fine. If this does not happen, then they will need to be replaced in pairs.

How to change the front Chevy shocks in a 1996 S10 two wheel drive pickup?

With the vehicle properly raised and supported, use an open-ended wrench to hold the shock absorber upper stem to prevent it from turning and take out the upper stem retaining nut, the retainer and rubber grommet. Remove the shock absorber-to-lower control arm retaining bolts. Now lower the shock absorber assembly that is located at the bottom of the control arm. Check and test the shock absorber and replace if it is defective. To install the new Chevrolet shocks, extend the shock absorber stem to the fullest and push it upwards through the lower control arm and spring. The upper stem should pass through the mounting hole found in the upper control arm frame bracket. Put in the upper shock absorber nut and tighten it to 73 Nm or 54 Ft lbs. Hold the stem with an open-ended wrench while tightening the nut. Do not crush the rubber bushing while doing this. Now put in the shock absorber-to-lower control arm retaining bolts and also tighten them to 73 Nm. Remove the jackstands and slowly lower the vehicle.

How to get to the holes to line up the rear Chevrolet Shocks while replacing them on a 2005 Trailblazer?

Placing the jack under the axle and raising the vehicle to compress the suspension can ensure that the holes line up. In case the distance is too long, then the shocks need to be compressed for the holes to line up. One can also raise the body such that the distance between the frame and axle lengthens. First install the top bolt and then use a pry bar against the axle and the bottom of the shock to allow the shock to move into the hole.

What are the recommended Chevy shocks for a 1999 S10 four wheel drive pickup?

The type of shocks is purely dependent on where and how the vehicle is primarily used. If there is a lot of off-road driving involved and/or a lot of driving on gravel or dirt roads then one can use Bilstien, Rancho or KYB brand of shocks. If driving is primarily in the city or on the highway, then Monroe or Gabrial shocks can be used.

How long would a pair of Chevrolet shocks last on a 2003 Cadillac Escalade?

There is usually no recommended service internal for Chevy shocks. They should be replaced either when they leak or are worn out. One can do a “bounce test” to check if the shocks are worn out.

There are many problems that could occur in Chevy shocks and each issue would need a specific solution. Hence it is preferable to get advice from Experts who can provide correct information and answer any questions that may arise.
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