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Sharp Aquos Questions

Sharp Aquos TVs from time to time face problems with some of their internal components. This is evident through symptoms they display such as snowy picture, blinking lights or the TV not turning on at all. Facing such problems on your TV which was working fine can be frustrating and annoying. However, this need not be the case if you are armed with information on the common problems and their solutions. This information can be obtained from Experts online from the comfort of your home.

Listed below are a few questions about Sharp Aquos TV’s answered by Experts.

What can be done if the Sharp Aquos TV does not turn on and the power light blinks thrice, pauses, and blinks another time?

This is most likely a communication error with the main board. Based on the blinking lights, the main processor is not responding. To deal with this, first the power cord should be unplugged for 20 seconds. Next, with the help of another person, while holding the volume and input buttons present on the TV simultaneously, the power cord should be plugged in. These actions are an attempt to get the TV into service mode. If the problem persists, there is no other option but to repair or replace the main board. 

What can cause a flat screen to display a green, vertical line on the right, middle part of the screen?

First it should be checked whether the green line appears over the ‘Menu’ display or behind it when the menu button is pressed on the TV’s remote control. If the line appears over the menu display and is thin and green as described, most likely the LCD panel or screen is faulty and it is the T-con board which could be responsible for the problem. It can also be a problem with the panel or a manufacturing defect or it could be caused by a power event such as a shock, surge, prolonged over or under voltage conditions, and so on. The other issue could be age related wear and tear. To deal with this, first the T-con board needs to be replaced. It is very expensive to replace the LCD panel, therefore, TV replacement would be best.

What can be done if horizontal lines are moving across the screen?

The following steps can be taken as a diagnostic evaluation and a possible fix:

  1. The power cord should be unplugged from the outlet.
  2. After an hour, press and hold the power button on the TV for 60 seconds.
  3. The power button should be held for 60 seconds and the TV should be re-connected.
  4. Re-plugging should be done directly into the wall outlet, bypassing any power strips or surge protectors.

If the above reset process does not work, it confirms an internal hardware failure. This can be repaired by the owner if they are comfortable and skilled with electronics repair. This entails dismantling the set (removing the back panel of the TV, replacing boards, and so on.

What is the reason that the Sharp Aquos TV will perform an auto channel search for cable but not for the antenna?

The problem is with the TV itself here or rather its underlying limitation. The Sharp TV is an old model and it lacks an ASTC or digital TV tuner. It is equipped only with an analog tuner which is not compatible with any of the current ‘over-the-air’ broadcasts nor can it work with an antenna direction. In such a scenario, the options are either to replace the TV with a newer model since all TV’s manufactured after 2009 are equipped with a digital tuner or to connect an external tuner/converter box to the Sharp TV.

How to replace the main board on the Sharp Aquos TV?

First, the back of the TV set needs to be removed and the power cord should be traced to the power board. It is possible to visually examine all the capacitors on the board. If they are not leaking, ballooning or have raised, domed tops the AV input or main board should be removed. It is usually the one with all the inputs attached to it. The board should be checked for the part number etched on it or on a sticky label. Based on this part number, a replacement part can be sourced from TV parts suppliers or online.

What can be done if the Sharp Aquos TV is displaying a snowy picture?

Case Details: Cable and Apple TV are not working.

Most likely, the TV set is in the wrong ‘input’ mode, probably analogue TV mode and needs to be changed. To do so, the TV remote should be used to pick out the right ‘input’ or ‘source’ by pressing the ‘input/source/AV/EXT’ button (the button could be labeled any of those terms). This button should be pressed continually until the cable box is found.

How to connect a sound bar to the Sharp Aquos TV?

Case Details: LG and Bose sound bars are trying to be attached.

It may not be possible to connect the sound bar because it may not have the option and is unable to output audio from any digital source through the optical port that is being used. HDMI inputs, will output audio through the HDMI audio return channel (ARC) output. To get the sound bar to work, either one needs to buy a newer sound bar which supports the ARC feature or try using the HDMI audio extractor to extract the audio signal out of the HDMI feed. This should be converted to an optical signal that the existing sound bar can use.

Based the problem or symptoms one is experiencing, troubleshooting can help find the faulty part which needs to be repaired or replaced. At other times you may need help with usage or setting up or connecting your Sharp Aquos TV to other devices. Whatever may be your question, ask electronic Experts and get customized answers. Experts expertise can help you make quick and sensible decisions in an affordable manner. 

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