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Sexual Harassment Questions

What is sexual harassment?

When a person intimidates, bullies, or forces in a sexual type of nature this is considered to be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also be when a person makes inappropriate or unwanted promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors and in most legal standings, sexual harassment is illegal and the person that does the harassing can get in trouble. The person that is the one harassing the employee can be a supervisor, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or anyone that is not an employee of the employer like a client or customer. Sexual harassment can include sexual abuse or sexual assault and is illegal employment discrimination. For more questions that have been answered by Experts read below.

If a person is accused of sexual harassment and was never told of the accusation and then later found that the accusations were false, can the person sue the accuser for anything?

If the person made a false accusation or negative statements about someone else, then this would be considered to be slander against the person the rumors were being said. If the person that is accused is wrongfully accused, then they would have the right to sue for damages. Any type of comment that is false that is made about the person can be included in the slander definition.

In the state of Florida, if a person files a sexual harassment claim against their manager and then the manager gets fired as well as the accuser, how would the person proceed?

In the state of Florida, the person would want to first file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) first and if they find that the allegations are true then they can pursue the company directly. The EEOC can also grant the person a right to sue letter so that they can pursue a suit against the employer.

Would meetings at a church, be considered possible to sue for sexual harassment in the state of Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, laws dealing with sexual harassment generally deal with matters in the workplace. Since there is no working relationship in a meeting type of place, then generally there is not a case for sexual harassment. If the person feels that there was crime committed, then the person would need to take the matter to the police.

If a person files a sexual harassment suit against their employer and then the lawyer they hired tells them that the statute of limitations has run out, what can the person do?

If the statute of limitations has run out, then there is generally nothing that the person can do. Generally in most states if the person files for sexual harassment, then they would have 180 days from the date of the incident to file a suit or complaint against the employer. The person may be able to file a grievance against the attorney for not informing the person for the options that they had.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common occurrence. When a person is sexually harassed, then they may have concerns about what they can do, what the laws are, or how to proceed with a suit against the employer. When these concerns arise, then the person would need to contact an Expert.
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