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Sewing Machine Problems

A sewing machine is a textile machine that uses thread to stitch fabric, cards and other material together.. These machines can be manual or automatic. Home sewing machines help sew items one at a time with easy gliding and maneuvering of fabric through the machine. It avoids the cumbersome and time consuming use of needles and thimbles. However, sometimes these machines can get stuck, face bobbin issues or may need an oil servicing. While some of these problems can be resolved by you others require professional intervention. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to sewing machine problems

I own a homemaker brand sewing machine whose hand wheel is stuck. The motor is making a sound too. What can I do?

Verify that the needle is not stuck in the foot or bobbin assembly. If this is the case, you can disengage it using a pair of needle nose pliers. If the problem is not with the needle, the internal gearing system of the unit may be faulty or jammed. Since the internal gearing is quite complex, it cannot be fixed by you at home and will need to be taken to a sewing machine repair shop. Generally these types of inexpensive machines are made for simple use and are of average quality. In most cases, the unit would need to be disposed of if something went wrong because the repair would cost more than purchasing a new unit.

My ten year old Kenmore sewing machine which sews forward and reverse is now not sewing forward after I release the reverse button. Why is this happening?

Most likely the issue could lie with the reverse switch mechanism. This can be avoided if the machine is well oiled as per the oiling diagram in the manual. You can also apply one or two drops of WD-40, oil or the electronic contact cleaner available at Radio Shack outlets on the sides of the reverse button to make sure it is smooth. If this button is moving freely, the fault could lie with the button spring instead which can be replaced for $3. If you are handy with tools you can change this or have a sewing machine mechanic change it.

The pedal and power plug of my Viking Husqvarna 990 sewing machine was replaced. The light on the machine comes on when I press the pedal but it does not work. What is the reason?

This model is prone to issues concerning pedals as well as the plug in connector. The pedals break easily or can be defective. You can check the pedal using a multimeter if you own one. If not, you can either take it to a certified Viking repair store which could prove unnecessary and expensive. Or get it fixed at a regular electronics repair shop at a more economical price. They would need to test the pedal and will probably fix it since they have the right equipment and the problem is not too complex.

My Saxon sewing machine’s arm is not moving though the belt is spinning and the machine is well oiled. This is preventing the needle from working. Should I get it serviced?

You can try the following things: Check the cord and plug on the foot pedal first. Then unplug them and reset firmly. Thereafter, check the connections on the motor and the control panel on the motor for any fuses. Since the belt is spinning but the arm is stationary, it could also be that the belt has stretched or expanded. Some belts may have an adjustment option which will help vary the length of the belt. If you do not have this option, have the belt replaced which is a simple and quick process.

After I cleaned the shuttle race as per the instructions on the manual, the needle of my Kenmore sewing machine does not take the thread from the bobbin. What can I do?

One of the main and common reasons why a needle does not pick up the thread from a bobbin is because of an incorrect sized bobbin. You need to make sure it does not belong to another machine. Also ensure correct placement of the foot to avoid it from hitting the needle. If it is placed fine and not obstructing the needle, the problem could be a defective bobbin. Try fixing another bobbin. If there is no change, the machine probably needs to be retimed. This activity cannot be done by an untrained person and you should probably take it to a repair shop.

Sewing machines are probably not as complex as compared to other household appliances. But they have their own set of problems that can vary with age and brand. Some are prone to particular issues while others last for years. Diagnosing the problem is the key to fixing the issue. Minor issues such as oiling and needle alignment can be resolved by you if you are comfortable doing so. This is where consulting with Experts can help you know the right way to approach your problem and also provide useful information.

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