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Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Questions

Are you having stitching problems with your sewing machine? Or, do you need help fixing thread bunching on your device? Often, problems like these emerge when owners have no idea of how to resolve them on their own. When such is the case, knowing where to find quick reliable assistance can help restore mental peace. Read below where Experts have answered owners’ questions for troubleshooting and repair.

What prevents a Brother sewing machine PE-150 from picking up a bobbing thread?

A timing issue can likely cause this.

  • First, replace the timing belt to retime the machine.
  • Then, check the idler pulley for any faults and replace it, if needed. Another option could be to adjust the pulley and see if it fixes the issue.
  • Finally, inspect the screws on the hook shaft for any looseness. If so, tighten them and reset the timing.

How to fix a Singer sewing machine that quit working and started making sounds?

  • First, lubricate the machine and blow out any dust or debris from inside the unit using compressed air.
  • Then, make sure the buttonhole lever is not placed in the 'Down' position.
  • Next, check if the bobbing winding spindle is positioned properly. If not, push it back to the left.
  • Then, place the needle in the highest position by spinning the hand wheel.
  • Finally, press the ‘Reverse’ button for a few times until it resets the machine.

How to fix a needle on a sewing machine that fails to move up and down quickly?

  • First, ensure the motor brushes inside the unit are moving in and out of the holder freely.
  • If not, open the cover on the foot controller and check if the wires inside it are broken or loose.
  • Additionally, inspect the internal components for any burns or faults.
  • Finally, look into the motor control board and shake the wires to check for any bad connections.

How to fix a thread jam in a Singer 2250 sewing machine?

  • First, remove the thread from the top of the unit.
  • Then, using a flat head screwdriver, detach the upper tension plates.
  • Make sure to remove any obstructions from there and clean the plates.
  • Next, adjust the settings back to 3 or 4 and rethread the top.
  • Then, take out the bobbin and its case from the bottom and visually inspect the entire area for any thread or blockage.
  • Check for any scars or needle hole.
  • Next, grab the upper thread and turn the hand wheel gradually to see if the bobbin hook picks up the thread. If so, hold the thread and lubricate the bobbin hook lip.
  • Reinstall the bobbin and its case and then, rotate the wheel to fasten the thread back to its position.
  • Finally, put a cloth and test the machine.

How to remove a drive wheel from a sewing machine?

  • First, loosen the small pin screw (Stop Motion screw) on the shiny knurled hub disc.
  • Then, unbolt the 'Stop Motion Screw' hub disc.
  • Next, take out the clutch washer from the unit and clean it.
  • Finally, pull the balance wheel off its spindle to clean and oil both the spindle and the wheel bearing.

Make sure to apply some penetrating oil, if the wheel appears to be tight on the shaft. However, if it seems to be stuck, then place a block of wood underneath the needle bar to free it; otherwise, turn the wheel slowly and tap it gently with a fire mallet. This should dislodge the wheel.

How to fix a Singer Fashion Mate 5500 sewing machine that displays the error code ‘C14?’

A clogged mechanism inside the unit can cause this code to appear.

  • First, verify if the take up lever on the unit is threaded.
  • Then, make sure the thread is between the tension discs.
  • Next, check the quality of the thread and replace with a good fresh one, if needed.
  • Then, inspect the bobbin case for a burr or a picked place from the needle hitting it.
  • Additionally, ensure the case is not broken.
  • Then, verify if the bobbin used is correct and of good quality. If not, replace it.
  • Finally, check the tension discs for any thread or lint accumulation to jam the mechanism.

What can be done if a sewing machine fails to maintain a constant stitch length?

  • First, check the size of the needle for threading a fabric.
  • Then, make sure the threading is correct.
  • Next, check if the tension on the upper thread is loose. If so, tighten it.
  • Then, verify if there is too much pull on the fabric. If so, slacken the pressure and guide it gently.
  • Next, ensure you apply more pressure on the presser foot.
  • Additionally, check if the presser foot is loose. If so, reset it.
  • Finally, inspect the bobbin windings for any issues.

If this still does not solve the problem, the gear knob could be at fault for which the transmission will need replaced.

If you like stitching and making your own clothes, owning a sewing machine is the right choice for you. It gives you the ability to stitch faster and more efficiently along with repairing any rips or tears in your clothing. A proper maintenance of these devices is, therefore, highly essential to keep them running smoothly. If you face any issues with your unit or notice any failure in it, do not delay in consulting an Expert. An immediate specialist’s attention can help resolve your issue in the most effective and timely manner.  

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