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Questions about Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What is separation anxiety in dogs?

Separation anxiety in dogs is a state where the dog displays misery and obedience problems when the dog has to be separated from its owner. Separation anxiety usually starts within the first 30 minutes after the owner has left the dog. Some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will scratch at the door, harm themselves, urinate in the house, and many more things. For more information you can read below where Experts have answered many questions about separation anxiety in dogs.

What is causing a 3 year old dog to chew up the couch cushions when the owner is gone?

The behavior that has been described sounds like the dog has separation anxiety issues due to the fact that the dog may be bored. One of the fastest ways to stop this issue is to buy a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) Collar. You can find these at most pet stores; this collar works as a soothing aid for the dog. There are also sprays that you can buy that will make the dog not want to chew on things that it is sprayed on. Now if none of these things work you may want to try medication that you can get from a Veterinarian’s office.

Why does a dog chew on its own feces, shred any paper in the house and urinate while the owner is out of the house?

In many situations, this may be a cause of separation anxiety, and this can be one of the hardest behaviors to deal with and to treat. This is because, this behavior may only happen when the owner is away when the behavior starts, so the owner will not be able to discipline the dog when the issue arises. The individual may need to make sure that all papers are picked up before you leave the house, or an option would be to try putting hot sauce on one of the papers and you could even do the same with the feces. Doing this may stop the dog from chewing on these things because the items have hot sauce on them that will burn the dog’s mouth. You may try putting aluminum foil and double sided tape on the ground where they dog usually urinates these thing may stop the dog because they won’t want to walk on them. If none of this works you can always resort to crating the dog while you are gone.

Why would a well behaved rescue dog start urinating in the house while the owner is gone, when the dog has never done this before?

In many cases, this could be a symptom of the dog having separation anxiety. There are a couple solutions the individual may try, the result may vary depending on the dogs itself. The first one being that the individual can put their dog in a pet carrier while they are away from the home. Most dogs will not urinate where they lay; the individual may only need to get a carrier that is slightly larger than the dog, so that the dog can lie down and turn around if needed. The dog may think of the carrier as a safe haven to be in while their owner is away, so this may help the dog be less anxious while the individual is away from their dog. The second thing that the individual may want to try is anxiety medication that is prescribed by a Veterinarian. This medication is normally a pill that is orally given one time a day; it can take up to 2 or 3 week to show results.

Why does my dog follow me everywhere I go, even into the bathroom?

This may be a disorder called separation anxiety where the dog may get very nervous that their owner going to leave and not return. Sometimes this is a very hard disorder to fix because the dog may start to act out when you leave the house because the dog is scared. You may want to take the dog to the Veterinarian and be prescribed a medicine called Clomicalm. This medication is used exclusively for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

When a person owns a very destructive dog this can be very upsetting, especially if you do not know why the dog is acting out. Most owners blame themselves which normally is not the case at all. In many cases the dog is suffering what the Veterinarian’s call separation anxiety. Many dog owners don’t know how to deal with the issues; individuals may turn to a dog veterinarian for fast and affordable answers or information.
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