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Sedative Medications

A sedative is a medication used to help calm patient’s and even sometimes help them to sleep before a medical procedure. There are many substances that can have a sedating affect from prescribed medications to alcohol and drugs. Often low doses of sedatives have been to have benefits in treating anxiety disorders as well. The effects of a sedative often depend on a person’s metabolism and the dose of medication given. Many sedatives can make a person become irritable even violent. Because alcohol is a depressant with sedative properties it can lead a person to become aggressive and violent. Read below where experts have answered questions regarding sedatives and sedative side effects.

Should alcohol be used as a sedative?

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can make a person sleepy or lethargic. But sometimes it can also cause people to become energetic and loss their inhibitions. So rather or not alcohol can be used as a sedative depends on each person’s own metabolism. Alcohol is an addictive depressant there for it is not recommended for use as a sedative. However there are many other options when trying to find a good sedative to use. Below is a list of these options.
• Valerian root is an herbal solution that helps promote sleep
• Chamomile
• And Benadryl, just to name a few.

Can pets’ sedatives hurt a human?

The most common sedative prescribed by veterinarians to help calm animals is acepromazine. When ingested by humans, these types of sedatives can cause long lasting discomfort. It is never advised for someone to take medications that aren’t prescribed to them. The same can be said for any medications meant for animals, like sedatives. It is advised to seek medical attention right away.

Should a person sedate themselves before a colonoscopy?

Before a colonoscopy the performing surgeon will order that a sedative be given. These sedatives are often very effective in putting the patient to sleep before the procedure. The surgeon will not start the procedure until the patient is fully sedated. Sedatives like Klonopin and Midazolam are also used sometimes. It is not advised for patients to sedate themselves before surgery as this could cause unnecessary complications.

Is Benicar HCT a sedative?

Benicar HCT has a kind of sedating attribute therefore it can cause sleepiness, fatigue, and dizziness. An ingredient In Benicar called Olmasartan is the primary cause of these symptoms. Olmasartan has also been linked to hypertension and other blood pressure problems.

Is it safe to drink while on seroquel?

Seroquel is a medication used to help control symptoms of Bipolar disorder. This medication in itself is has been used as a sedative, and the lower the dose the more the sedative takes effect. It is not advice to drink alcohol while on this medication. Since this is alcohol has a sedative effect as well. When the two are combine symptoms of depression can be quite significant. When someone has ingested both Seroquel and alcohol it can cause many symptoms. Vomiting, difficulty breathing, unsteadiness and slurred speech are all symptoms that can be associated when combining the two. When these symptoms occur it is best to seek prompt medical attention as this can me a sign of a medicinal reaction.

There are many forms of sedatives from natural herbs to medications used to put patients to sleep before surgery. People who drink alcohol may not be thinking of the sedative affect it will have on their body. But what happens when alcohol s mixed with other sedatives? When questions arise about sedatives, turn to the Experts that can help answer questions like these and more.
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