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Security Camera System Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble printing a video footage from your security camera system? Or, do you need help accessing it remotely from your computer? Questions like these often emerge when they are least expected and when that happens, homeowners can get frustrated on how to get fast repair help. This is where consulting an Expert can go a long way. They are able to figure out the actual cause of the problem to fix it in a timely manner.

Read below to find answers to your various troubleshooting questions about security camera issues.

How to access a security camera using the internet?

  • Open the browser in Internet Explorer (IE) and select the ‘Tools Menu.’
  • Then, go to ‘Internet Options’ and select the ‘Security Tab.’
  • Then, click the ‘Custom Level’ button towards the bottom of the window.
  • Next, click the option ‘Enable’ under the settings ‘Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins’ and ‘Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.’
  • Click ‘OK’ and close the window.
  • Finally, restart IE to access your camera.

How to fix a Lorex camera with a distorted reception?

Case Details: The camera has four channels with a connected router and phone.

  • First, unplug the phone line and check if it fixes the issue.
  • If not, disconnect the router to confirm if it’s causing the fault and replace, if necessary.
  • Next, check the power supply on the unit and see if there is adequate voltage to it. If not, the unit will need a repair.
  • Finally, disconnect the camera channels one at a time and see which one seems to bring the power down. Replace the faulty one and see if it cures the issue.

If this still does not fix the problem, the camera inputs could be bad that will need to be repaired.

How to fix a Sanyo VCC9800 camera that fails to rotate?

  • First, check if the camera is stuck in one position. If so, try to move it manually as it can sometimes fix the issue.
  • Then, check the settings on your DVR and make sure the DVR and the camera are communicating properly.
  • Next, perform a double check on the wiring connections to the unit.

In case this does not work:

  • Turn both the DVR and the camera off.
  • Then, turn on the DVR and wait for three minutes.
  • Next, power on the camera and wait for another three minutes.
  • Finally, go to the DVR and try to control the camera through it. This should fix the problem.

However, before doing this, make sure both the components are compatible with each other.

How to connect a camera on a local network to a Samsung TV LE40C750?

If the camera is accessible from an internet browser:

  • The IP address from the web browser can be used to view the footage on TV.

If the camera requires a program to be installed for viewing:

  • Plug in a low powered netbook or PC connected on the network to the TV.
  • Then, use the device to connect to the installed program in the camera to view the image.

If the camera is offsite:

  • Make sure you know the ports the camera uses.
  • Then, log into your router and forward the required port to the IP address of the camera.
  • Finally, access your WAN IP from the internet browser or the program to view the camera.

How to remotely access a Swann camera from a computer or iPhone?

  • Connect the device to the network with a router and type in the address bar.
  • Then, press ‘Enter’ to open the router login page.
  • On that page, type admin for the password and go to the router’s configuration pages. Make sure to leave the username box empty.
  • Next, click on the ‘Security Link’ near the top of the page and untick the checkmarks from the ‘Block Anonymous Internet Requests’ entry.
  • Then, scroll down and select the option ‘Save Settings.’
  • Afterward, go to the ‘Applications and Gaming’ tab and click on the option ‘Port Range Forward’ to assign a name to the box.
  • Then, insert the entry ‘85’ into the ‘Start End’ boxes and select ‘TCP/UDP’ for protocol.
  • Type in the IP address box and tick the ‘Enable’ checkbox.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  • Finally, leave the unit untouched for 60 seconds and you should be able to view your camera remotely by clicking on the IP address

How to print an image of a video footage from a Lorex camera?

  • Press the ‘Pause’ button at a place when you wish to take a print. Make sure to do this while you are viewing the footage on your computer.
  • Then, hold down the ‘Shift’ button on your keyboard and press the ‘Print Screen’ button to take a screen capture of what is currently displaying.
  • Next, go to the option ‘Programs’ and click on ‘Accessories’ to locate the graphics program option ‘Paint.’
  • Open the program and hold the ‘Control’ key along with pressing the ‘V’ button on the keyboard to paste the screenshot.
  • Finally, crop the picture according to your requirement and print it out.

Security cameras are an essential deterrent to crime and thus, a regular upkeep of these units is highly recommended to maintain safety and security in the house. Additionally, these devices help to keep a constant eye on the activities going inside and around the house, giving homeowners a certain level of mental peace and comfort. However, these units are not all perfect and can often malfunction giving a huge headache to its owners. When this happens, instant action needs to be taken to restore working order. Verified Experts are available online to help solve your problems and answer questions in the best possible manner anytime day or night.

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