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Secretary of State Questions

The Secretary of State oversees certain government functions. The duties that fall on the Secretary of State usually depend on the individual states laws, and generally include the overseeing elections held within the state. Below are a few questions regarding Secretary of State and have been answered by Experts.

My husband and I have been filed with the Secretary of State Attorney General's Office for harassment. . Can you tell me where the charge goes after the Secretary of State either accepts it or denies it?

The harassment charge is a misdemeanor and would go through the DA or the Attorney General, not the Secretary of State. Your first step would be to stop calling the person and file a lawsuit for the return of your property and any damages that have been incurred. You can call someone a sensible amount of times to exercise a legal right. There are telephone harassment laws that are in place to prevent that (1) To call another person with intent to terrorize, intimidate, threaten, harass or annoy such person by using obscene or lewd language or by suggesting a lewd or lascivious act;(2) To call another person with intent to threaten to inflict physical harm or injury to any person or property;(3) To call another person with intent to extort money or other things of value; (4) To call another person with intent to disturb him by repeated anonymous telephone calls or intentionally failing to replace the receiver or disengage the telephone connection. First step, file the lawsuit and try to recover your property and then you can deny the charges against you based on your right to recover your property. Also make it clear that you only made two phone calls to the person, not several.

Does the law require that a Corp be registered in Ohio?

If you own a business and are operating as a Corporation, you need to register the corporation with the Secretary of State. In order to become incorporated, you must register the business as a corporation. However, if you do not wish to use the corporate title, you don't need to register. In order to establish your corporation and stay in good standing, you must file with the Secretary of State.

How do I contact the secretary of state in Utah by mail? I am looking for a commercial code.

It looks like the state of Utah doesn't have a Secretary of State. You will need to contact the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code handles this. You can go here for more information: your lieutenant Governor would be in charge of many duties otherwise handled by a Secretary of State. To learn more about the duties of the Secretary of State, go here:

The role of Secretary of State varies from state to state. To learn more about the duties of the Secretary of State you should ask an expert who can lend legal insight to your individual questions. If you have questions and want accurate professional answers, ask an Expert and walk away knowing that you have the most informative insight available.
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