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Second Degree Murder

What is a definition of Second Degree Murder?

What is the definition of Second Degree Murder? A Second-degree murder is generally described as a deliberate killing that is not planned or intended, nor committed in a “heat of passion". Second degree murder is also a killing caused by dangerous behavior, and the criminal’s total disregard for human life. Read below to find Expert answers simply related to Second Degree Murder.

Is it legal to sentence someone to thirty years for second degree murder and fifteen years consecutively, if both crimes occurred at the same time with the same victim??

In many cases, this would be legal if the two separate counts were two different acts and the lesser of the two was not included with the other. There are many jurisdictions that if a jury convicts on multiple counts of certain violent crimes the sentences must be served consecutively.

Can a sentence of 30 years for second degree murder and 15 years consecutive for robbery with a deadly weapon be ran together after the person served 33 years, and is currently on mandatory parole in the state of Maryland?

It could, but the process is via a post conviction. With the lack of success in filing the modification of sentences, it may be best to file for Clemency on the robbery through a Commutation of the sentence. This is an application to the Governor. If the individual wants to know additional info then they should get in touch with the Parole Board or check with their Probation Officer and see if either could help.

If someone was found guilty of second-degree murder on December 20, 2009 their sentence date is December 16, 2009, is it too late to file for an appeal?

Time is of the essence when filing an appeal. It is not too late. Their attorney should have been working on the appeal immediately. Grounds for appeal need to be established, since there has to be a reason (court misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, errors of law) to file an appeal.

According to Tennessee law describe second-degree murder, and what is the sentence?

Tennessee Code § 39-13-210 describes Second Degree Murder as:
(a) Second degree murder is:
(1) A knowing killing of another; or
(2) A killing of another that results from the unlawful distribution of any Schedule I or Schedule II drug, when the drug is the proximate cause of the death of the user.

(b) In a prosecution for a violation of this section, if the defendant knowingly engages in multiple incidents of domestic abuse, assault or the infliction of bodily injury against a single victim, the trier of fact may infer that the defendant was aware that the cumulative effect of the conduct was reasonably certain to result in the death of the victim, regardless of whether any single incident would have resulted in the death.

(c) Second degree murder is a Class A felony

"Knowing" is described in Tennessee Code § 39-11-302(b) as follows:
“Knowing” refers to a person who acts knowingly with respect to the conduct or to circumstances surrounding the conduct when the person is aware of the nature of the conduct or that the circumstances exist. A person acts knowingly with respect to a result of the person's conduct when the person is aware that the conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result. Second degree murder is a Class A felony. The sentence that is authorized is not less than fifteen years but no more than sixty years. The jury may assess a fine not to exceed fifty thousand dollars.

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