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BMW Seat Belt Problems

BMW seat belt issues

Because they are high performance cars, the seat belts in BMWs are complex devices that are connected to other safety features like the airbags. While this complexity increases safety, it also allows for more problems to arise. Issues with seat belts should not be ignored and need to be attended to as soon as possible. Getting Expert guidance and opinions will help car owners find the best solutions to their BMW seat belt problems. A few answers to common BMW seat belt problems are given below.

In a 2006 BMW 750i what could cause a seatbelt warning light to come on before putting the belt on, the light stayed on after the belt was fastened

When a problem of this kind occurs a generic fault is normally displayed that indicates an airbag malfunction but the issue could be the BMW seat belts. The most common problem is that of the seat mat not recognizing that a person is in the seat. Problems with the belt lower catch, which is a pyrotechnic device that tensions the belt in case of an accident, are also possible. Having the airbag fault readout done will identify the exact cause of problem. If the problem happened only once then it may be possible to have the fault code cleared and the system reset. But if it happened more than once then it would be better to replace the defective component as indicated by the fault code.

The center rear seat belt of a BMW 118d is stuck in a fully retracted condition. Will it damage the BMW seat belt tensioner if force is used to yank the belt free as advised in an online guide?

If the seat belt is yanked and pulled on with extreme force it may release and appear to work normally again. But there is no way of knowing what damage may have been done to the complex BMW seat belt mechanism. If could fail and not work as it should in the event of an accident and avoidable injury could result. BMW specifically states that if the seat belt is jammed the only repair is to replace the mechanism.

What is the procedure to fix the recurring problem of a defective seat belt pre-tensioner in a 2001 BMW 318i?

This is a common problem with the BMW seat belt tensioner in the 3 series. Replacing the tensioner is the common solution but if the problem is a recurring on due to resistance issues then replacing the wiring from the airbag control unit to the connector often solves the problem. Because of the complexity, this is a job that is normally done in a workshop. The pins are removed from the airbag connector. The seat is removed and a special airbag wire that can be purchased from the dealer is run under the seat. BMW airbag crimp connectors and a special heat shrink are used to splice the seat tensioner wire to the new wiring. No solder can be used for this as it would create additional resistance and the warning light may come on. The complete job should take around 4 hours.

A seat belt in a 2007 BMW 328i is stuck and is not retracting. Is this something the owner can try and fix and if so how do should it be done?

The best solution for this kind of problem is to have a new BMW seat retractor fitted. This is a job that should be done at a dealer or specialist workshop as there are special procedures that need to be followed for the installing of the new component and specific torque setting that need to be adhered to. Any deviation could affect the functioning of the seat belt.

Is it possible to disable the BMW seat belt chime that goes off in a 740il when a seat belt is not being worn?

This is something that will require reprogramming and can only be done by a dealer. However, it is likely that a dealer will refuse to do it as it is both unsafe and also possibly illegal. If this is something that must be done, you can buy a BMW seat belt buckle and leave it plugged in all the time. Please note that the safety and legality issues remain if you do this.

The seat belt is one of the most important safety features in a car. When it is functioning properly, it can saves lives in the event of an accident. However, if the seat belt is defective, then it is not just of little or no use, it can became a hazard in itself. BMW seat belts are as highly engineered as the rest of the car and are designed to provide trouble free safety. But problems can arise and when they do, obtaining information and guidance from Experts is the preferred way to overcome the issues.
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