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Dog Scratching Ears

Itching in the ears is one of the most common problems that a dog may face. This may often be caused due to different reasons such as allergies, infections or even insects and mites. Not only do they irritate the dogs, but they may also lead to injury within the ears if the dog is not able to control the scratching. Individuals may often have many questions about controlling the dog from scratching its ears. Read below where some commonly asked questions regarding scratching of the ears in dogs have been answered by Experts.

Can a dog be given aspirin and Benadryl to treat scratching of the ears?

A dog may often be given Benadryl and Aspirin in order to treat ear scratching if the dog does not have any pre-existing health conditions and is not on any type of medication besides heartworm and flea prevention. The dog may also be given one 81 milligrams of baby aspirin tablet once every 12 hours. The tablet may be given with the dog’s food in order to prevent an upset stomach. It may also be given 25 milligrams of Benadryl once every 12 hours. The Benadryl may help reduce the inflammation and may even help the dog get rest.

How can one make an ear cleaner at home to prevent a dog from scratching its ears?

One may often make an ear cleaner by mixing 6 ounces of isopropyl rubbing alcohol into a plastic squirt bottle and ½ tablespoons of boric acid powder may also be added to the solution and mixed well until the powder is dissolved. Two ounces of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of Betadine may also be added to the mix. Once the mixture is ready, one may hold the dog’s ear flap back and pour the mixture into its ear. Let the solution fill the dog’s ear canal and overflow. Once this is done, put the flap down and massage the base of the ear near the skill. Wipe any extra solution off with a cotton ball; however the individual may need to avoid using Kleenex or paper towels as this may leave debris and may even worsen the infection. The cleaning may be done once or twice everyday for about 7-10 days in order to see any improvement in the dog’s behavior.

What could be the cause of a dog that has been scratching its ears and shaking its head and also seems to be off balance?

Scratching of the ears and dizziness may often indicate a middle or inner ear infection in the dog. The imbalance is often caused when the fluid in the ear puts pressure in the inner ear that controls the balance. The dog may then lose its balance if the inner ear has abnormal pressure. In some cases, a dog may be given an oral antibiotic in order to reduce the infection and also to relieve the symptoms.

Can hydrogen peroxide help control ear scratching in a dog?

Hydrogen peroxide may not be very helpful in controlling ear scratching in a dog. In some cases, the peroxide may worsen the scratching.

What can be done at home to prevent a dog from continuously scratching its ears due to an infection?

In some situations, in order to prevent a dog from continuously scratching its ears due to an infection, one may clean the dog’s ears twice every day with a diluted solution of vinegar and water, chlorhexidine and water or even boric acid with cotton balls. Q-tips however may need to be avoided in order to prevent any damage to the dog’s ear drum.

How can one control itchiness in a dog’s ears?

Most of the times, the cause of itching in a dog’s ears is allergies. The allergies could be caused due to various things like pollen, dust, dust mites, fleas, detergents, sprays, new foods, etc. Some of the things that can be done to control and reduce the itching are given below:

• Ensure that the dog has a good flea preventative like Advantage or Frontline on it. Avoid over the counter products as they may not be very effective.
• Give the dog Benadryl at 1mg per pound body weight.
• Include Omega 3 supplements in the dog’s diet. This can be given in the form of fish capsules. The dog can be given one capsule per day.
• Give the dog a good bath before applying any kind of flea medications. One may use an oatmeal based shampoo or an anti itch shampoo. Dry the dog well before applying the medicines.

There are various ways to control a dog from scratching its ears. The best way to control it is by controlling the underlying cause like an infection or an allergy. You may try over the counter treatments, remedies at home or take the help of your vet to reduce the itching in your dog’s ears. Sometimes, the cause of the itching may not be a very big one. Visiting the vet in such a situation can turn out to be very expensive. However, there may be situations when you are not sure of what to do or what kind of treatment to give your dog. At such times, you may speak to an Expert and get all your questions regarding your dog scratching its ears answered.
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