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Questions about Scotty Cramp

What is Scotty cramp?

Serotonin is a chemical that may transmit impulse through nerve cells and neurons. Some dogs may have a lack of serotonin, which may cause an interruption with certain signals that should be sent from the brain to the muscles in the hind legs. If the dog’s nerve pulses become out of order, the dog’s hind legs may begin to lock up and become stationary for a brief period of time. There may also be cases where the disease expands from the hind legs to the dog’s spine; this may cause the spine to become arched, and the dog to lose their balance. Scotty cramp may cause many questions for individuals such as the causes, treatments and even side effects. For more information regarding Scotty cramp read below where an Expert has answered many frequently asked questions.

What could cause a dog to have shaky legs, eye twitching and loss of balance.

In some cases this may be thought of to be a seizure, the proper way to know whether these symptoms are caused by a seizure or not may be through blood work and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) testing. If those test come back negative, then another possibility may be Scotty cramp. Typically this may be linked with serotonin. In some situations where a dog has low levels of serotonin in the body, the nerves may not be getting any commands from the brain. This may often explain why the dog has been experiencing these symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms may only be present during exercise or if the dog become stressed. This disease normally does not get any worse with age.

How is Scotty cramp treated and tested?

Typically if a dog has Scotty cramp, this may be likely that a vet may prescribe a pain killer such as Diazepam or what is also known as Valium. This may be a strong medication for some dogs; however the medication is typically very effective. Scotty cramp may be a neuromuscular disease that typically affects small breeds of dogs such as Scottish terriers, Dalmatians, and Norwich terriers. Now as for how Scotty cramp is tests, it may be that as right now there is not an effective test that may be performed.

Could an allergic reaction to Deli Hides cause a dog’s muscles to lock up shortly after chewing on one?

In some cases this may not be an allergy, but maybe perhaps the thrill of a new chewable. Typically, the first disease that may come to mind that deals with muscle lock up and excitement may be Scotty cramp. Typically this may be found in terriers, it may also be found in other breeds. It may be a good idea to have the dog seen by a vet and see if valium could be prescribed. This medication may also help keep the muscles loose and the pain down.

What are the major signs or symptoms of Scotty cramp

Typically Scotty cramp may not be a very common disease, usually if this disease is diagnosed it may be in a Scottish terrier or another small breed. Scotty cramp may be found near the beginning of the dog’s life; however, there may be some cases where a dog didn’t have the disease as a puppy, but has it now as an adult. Typically the first sign may be seen by the tightening of the muscles, spinal arch and then the dog may usually fall over or even stumble. In some cases, the dog may sustain consciousness while having an episode. After the episode is over, usually the dog would return back to normal and proceed as if nothing ever happened.

Scotty cramp may typically be a disease that not very many people are aware of. This disease could be very scary; the reason may be due to the fact that the dog may look as if it having a seizure. Scotty cramp may take a toll on a dog considering the muscles lock up and the dog begins to fall down. The extent of injuries may vary depending on how many episodes a dog has had in a 24 hour period. For more information pertaining to Scotty cramp such as; is Scotty cramp deadly or are there any home remedies for Scotty cramp, individuals may contact an Expert.
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