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Schizophrenia Questions

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a condition that affects an individual’s brain. This type of disorder alters the way an individual shows emotion, observes reality, acts, thinks and interacts with others. Schizophrenia could be considered a major illness for someone to sustain. When a person suffers from this mental condition it could affect their work or social life. Generally some individuals with this disease can become frightened by their own actions. This can be controlled with certain medications and psychiatric treatment.

What causes schizophrenia?

The cause of schizophrenia as of right now is not known. Although some doctors do believe that, genetics and environment of a person can play a part in the development of this disease. When a person has issues with neurotransmitters, dopamine and glutamate (brain chemicals), can also be a factor in schizophrenia. When neuroimaging test are done they show that the brain structure and central nervous system are not the same as individuals without schizophrenia. This type of test also shows that this disease is a mental and brain disease.

Is schizophrenia treatable through homeopathic remedy?

This disease affects a person’s brain, and as of right now there are no studies that show homeopathic remedies can successfully treat schizophrenia. In cases where homeopathic remedies where used to treat this condition the effect was much less than antipsychotic medicines. For more information read below where Experts have answered several frequently asked questions pertaining to schizophrenia.

Why would an individual with schizophrenia not feel like doing anything in life?

When an individual becomes diagnosed with schizophrenia, this can leave them feeling hopeless. Some people upon finding out they are schizophrenic, feel as if their life will never get better or be normal. Generally schizophrenia is linked with depression, which can make the treatment more difficult. In some cases the first stage of treatment will consist of psychiatric treatment and the start of medication to stop depression. Once the depression is under control medication to treat the schizophrenia can be given. There are several different medications to treat this mental illness, so an individual may have to try one medication at a time until proper treatment is found.

Is there a cure for schizophrenia?

Doctors have not established a cure for schizophrenia. The reason for this can be from how many forms there are of this disease. Schizophrenia is a disease that can affect the way an individual makes sense of reality. This disease can be caused from flawed signals in an individual’s brain. This can cause the individual to become overwhelmed or stressed. Generally when a person has this disease, they cannot function properly in their life. Even though there is not a definite cure for this disease there is treatment, which can help someone have a better life. In some cases individuals can obtain a job and live in society, if treatment is given properly. Missing medication or therapy can cause a relapse and cause a serious episode for schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a serious mental condition that several people may not understand. This can causes people to be concerned when finding out a close friend or relative has this disease. Some people may not realize they have schizophrenia until diagnosis. For more information about schizophrenia individuals can contact an Expert.
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