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Schedule J in Bankruptcy

Individuals filing for bankruptcy will be able to use a Schedule J to list all current monthly expenses. There is often confusion on what should be claimed on the Schedule J form? Uncertainty of how to properly fill out a Schedule J form can often lead to questions like the ones answered below.

What is a Schedule J form?

Schedule J is a form filed in a bankruptcy petition. It is used to list current expenditures of individual debtor. It is a listing of expenses that the individual has at the time of filing for bankruptcy. An individual will not list what expenses they may have in the future.

I'm filing separate bankruptcy but do I still record my husband’s Child Support monthly payment on my schedule J form?

On a Schedule J form you would list all your current monthly expenses. You would want to exclude any debts that you are discharging. You can list your non-filing spouse’s expenses, which would also be listed on Schedule I as income. You would also include debts that you are keeping such as a car note, furniture payment, etc.

I bought a car for my daughter 2 years ago when she started college. The loan is under my name, she is not even a co-signer; however, she makes the monthly payments as scheduled. Do I have to put this on Schedule J?

If you are not making the loan payments then you do not have to list it on Schedule J. You can re-affirm the load even though your daughter is paying it. You will not be asked for proof that your daughter is in fact paying the loan.

I am filing out a petition for bankruptcy. I currently have child support obligations. What schedule do I put that on?

Your current child support obligations should be filled out on Schedule J. On a Schedule J form you would list all current monthly expenses. All child support that is in arrears will go on Schedule E.

My mother lives with me but I pay for her food, shelter and other expenses. She does not contribute financially to the household. Do I claim her social security on Schedule J or just in the means test?

Schedule J is used to list all current monthly expenses. You would not list her money from social security on a Schedule J. However you can list all of her monthly expenses on Schedule J. This would show what the true household net income is. Schedule I and the means test will hold all household income. Social Security listed on the means test does not go towards the total.

Having the right information and understanding of a Schedule J in bankruptcy can help when dealing with questions regarding a Schedule J. Experts can help answer questions about Schedule J inclusions or how to fill out an amended Schedule J. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert online.
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