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Renault Scenic Troubleshooting

Is your Renault Scenic giving you starting problems? Are electrical issues making driving difficult? The technology used by Renault is, in many ways, different from most other vehicles. This can make troubleshooting and repair difficult. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts can provide you with the information you need to ensure that problem identification and repairs are done correctly.

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How can the clutch on a Renault Scenic DC180 be adjusted to stop it from slipping?

This model has a hydraulic clutch system which cannot be adjusted. If it is slipping, it will have to be replaced.

What repairs are required if the handbrake of a 2004 Renault Scenic Dynamique is jammed in the 'ON' position and will not release?

This kind of problem usually requires the vehicle to be taken to a dealer for a scan so that the fault in the handbrake module can be diagnosed. That being said, there is one thing that can be tried before going to a shop and that is to try to do a reset of the system. To do this:

  • Turn the ignition to the 'ON' position, but do not start the vehicle.
  • Keep the driver’s door open.
  • Press the 'LOCK' button on the key card.
  • Put the key card in the reader.
  • Push the 'START' button for five seconds.
  • Pull the large part of the manual handbrake handle while simultaneously pressing the small button with the red light. Do not let go of the handle.
  • The handbrake motor may now reset.

If this does not work, the vehicle will have to be taken to a dealer or shop with a Renault scan tool for problem diagnosis.

What could prevent a Renault Scenic from starting and cause a “Card Not Detected” message to appear?

This is a common problem usually due to a damaged card. These cards are very delicate. They have three soldered joints that hold the coil, which produces the immobilizer code to allow the vehicle to start, to the circuit board. Over time, the solder cracks and the coil connections are lost. It is possible to repair the card, but the soldering requires precision and delicacy. If repair is not possible, a new card will have to be purchased from a dealer who will also code it to the vehicle.

What could cause the windshield wipers on a Renault Scenic to work only at high speed?

The wiper motor on the model contains a position switch that tells the motor where to stop on the windshield. If this fails, the motor will only work at the highest speed as it has no cycle information to control its operation. The only solution will be to replace the motor.

What could cause the driver’s door on a 1999 Renault Scenic to not lock with the central locking system?

Case Details: All the other doors lock okay.

When only one door does not lock with the central locking system, it is usually due to a faulty door lock solenoid. This is a common problem. Have the solenoid checked and if it is okay, then there may be a wiring issue. Wiring problems commonly occur where the wiring harness runs from the pillar to the door. Look for the rubber boot that covers the harness and pull it back it inspect the wiring. If any damaged insulation or broken wires are found, repair as required.

What could prevent the front and rear windscreen demisters on a Renault Scenic Mk2 with automatic climate control system from blowing hot air, and how can it be fixed?

Case Details: The display works only intermittently.

Fuse issues commonly cause this problem. Open the fascia fuse box and check fuses number F1, F5, F13 and F14 which control the climate control system. Replace any blown fuses and also check for loose or corroded contacts and if found, repair as required. If the fuses are okay, then the lack of hot air coupled with the erratic display indicates a faulty control module in the heater control panel. If this is the case, the module will have to be replaced.

What could cause a Renault Espace with automatic transmission to go into Drive when Reverse is selected and for the other gears not to engage?

Case Details: The problem started after the transmission fluid was changed by a local mechanic.

If the problem arose immediately after the fluid change, there are two likely possibilities. The first is that the wrong fluid was used. Only Dexron III should be used with this transmission. If the fluid is correct, then the proper amount may not have been filled. The gearbox on this model requires six liters. Either of these could cause the problem being faced. It may be a good idea to take the vehicle to another shop to have the quality and quantity of the fluid checked so that it can be topped up or replaced as required.

What could cause a 2002 Renault Scenic to not go into reverse gear after the exhaust system was repaired?

The exhaust and gearbox are independent systems so work on the exhaust should not affect the transmission. The gear select and shifter cables that change the gears pass above the exhaust system on this vehicle and it is possible that when the exhaust repairs were being done, the cables were loosened or damaged. Take the vehicle back to the shop that did the repairs and have it checked for this kind of damage.

As this article shows, the problems that could arise with a Renault Scenic are varied. Some you may be able to deal with yourself and others may require a trip to the shop. The guidance of verified mechanical Experts will tell you what is wrong and what repairs are required so you can make informed repair decisions. Getting this assistance is easy. All you need to do is go online. Experts are waiting to give you clear customized answers to your questions.

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