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Satellite Television Systems Related Questions

Satellite Television is a form of technology that broadcasts a TV program through the means of communication satellite. The satellite is picked up by an outdoor antenna and is transmitted through satellite tuner modules or external set top boxes for household use. It allows users to enjoy a wide range of channels and services, not only worldwide but also in areas that are outside the services of cable providers. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Satellite Television Systems that has been answered by the Experts.

Can I use a Motorola receiver so that I can connect it to my Satellite Television rather than using a local cable company?

In this case, it is unlikely you would be able to use a Motorola receiver to connect to your Satellite Television as this unit is incapable of satellite use. Usually, you would find that the receiver boxes the satellite companies provide to the consumers are capable of satellite use and are the only ones that would function with their service. This is because those boxes are coded specifically to decode their signals.

Would an individual need to repair their Motorola Satellite Television receiver if there were a hit in the logic or processor board and now the unit is not powering on?

In this case, you would need to consider how much damage the unit has suffered to decide whether or not the receiver needs to be repaired. You may need to purchase a new one in case the logic or the processor board has been hit. However, if you see that the unit is dead, you might consider repairing only the power supply. You could have it repaired by a company that specializes in industrial electronic repair. You can expect to pay around two hundred dollars for a repair like this.

How can I connect the Satellite dish to my TV through my receiver?

In order to connect the Satellite dish to your TV through the receiver, you would need to use the component audio or video connections. You would locate these connections on the rear panel of your television set. There you would see five RCA connections, out of which three connections are for video and the rest of the two are for audio. The video connections are of red, green and blue color whereas the audio ones are of red and white. In this case, you would need a pair of RCA audio and component video cable.

What could an individual do if their Philips TV is in store mode and is not receiving any signal from the satellite?

In a case like this, you have three possible options that you may want to try to fix this problem. The first thing you should do is get your TV out of store mode. In order to do this, you would first need to choose the Main Menu option. Then, you should choose Features, and following that you would have to choose the Location option to be able to switch between store and home. In case, this procedure does not work, you could try the next option by holding the volume and the channel button simultaneously on the unit for few seconds. This should cure the problem. If the second option does not work as well, you may want to try the third one. In this case, you could completely disconnect the TV from the wall for around five to six hours. Now after you have plugged the unit back in, you would get the option to select between store and home mode.

Satellite television broadcasts high quality of audio and video, high definition programming and so on. Satellite television is also available in rural areas. However, the satellite television systems have their set of problems too. These problems may relate to issues regarding weather, misalignment of satellite dish, obstruction between dish and satellite and so on. Therefore, it’s always best to consult a TV technician if you have such problems. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Satellite Television Systems, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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