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Sanyo Plasma TV Problems

Sanyo Plasma TV’s allow their viewers to enjoy excellent quality of picture that provides a high definition, lifelike quality of images that enhances the TV viewing experience to a whole new level. However, these sets have their share of problems such as signal issues, poor A/V connections and so on. When these issues arise, often there are questions to help get the TV back to working properly. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Sanyo Plasma TV Problems that have been answered by the Experts.

If a Sanyo Plasma TV heats up what could cause this and what should be done? The screen of my Sanyo Plasma TV gets heated up. What do I do?

Usually, the plasma sets have a tendency to heat up very fast as compared to LCD or any other traditional CRT models. Thus, in order to take care of this immense generation of heat, it is important that you leave a minimum of two inches gap between the wall and the TV’s rear, in case it is mounted up on a wall. This would allow the heat to ventilate. Additionally, you must verify if the fan inside the unit is working. Usually, these sets have a thermal shut down protection. Thus, if there is an excessive amount of heat generation, it would cause the TV to shut down automatically.

Why would a Sanyo Plasma TV not power back on after it switched itself off?

In some cases, the problem could be as simple as a blown fuse. In other situations the problem could be that the power board is defective. The fuse usually is an easy fix, however if the power board is defective it is usually recommended to get Expert help.

What could cause a Sanyo Plasma TV to keep turning on and off automatically with no picture and the power light keeps flashing?

Many times when a TV is turning on and off intermittently, there is a high possibility that it would cause the capacitors on the power supply board to fail. This is because when the TV is turned on, the capacitors receive a huge amount of electricity and once it is powered off, they immediately release that current. Thus, if this cycle keeps happening frequently, it would cause a short circuit inside the set, ultimately preventing the unit to power up further. Therefore, in order to repair this problem you would need to do a component replacement on the circuit board.

What could cause a Sanyo Plasma TV to not have both picture and sound as there is no signal on the HDMI inputs of my TV even though there is a menu and volume indicator on the screen?

Since the menu and volume menu still appears on the screen, it means that the LCD panel, the backlight inverters, power and T-Con board are all working fine. Therefore, the next possible thing that could have gone wrong is the main board. Therefore, in a case like this, the board would need to be replaced to fix this issue. If you experience problems while watching your Sanyo Plasma TV, then there are certain troubleshooting steps that you can adopt to get back your regular TV viewing experience. However, if that fails to cure the problem, you should contact a technician for help. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Sanyo Plasma TV Problems, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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